What our students think of their language courses

Based on 158 students who completed the final satisfaction survey between November 2022 and March 2024.

Information about our language training courses


None. The duration of the program is customized according to the starting level, project and objectives.


After an assessment and a complementary interview, we will propose a suitable learning plan.


Adapted and variable according to objectives. 30 hours of training (individual face-to-face) are required to acquire one Berlitz skill level.

Terms and conditions:

As soon as we receive the agreement to cover the costs, we can schedule the first lesson within 72 hours.


Available on request.

Accessibility for the disabled:

We study how to adapt our services for people with disabilities. Our center is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Number of tests taken in 2023:

  • LILATE: 6


Improve or refresh your skills for professional or personal needs.