The easiest way to learn Portuguese is to speak it; you have this opportunity with Berlitz Dubai! With a special focus on practical speaking and listening skills, our native-fluent instructors will help you reach your learning goals. By speaking exclusively in your target language during classes, your conversation skills and confidence will improve exponentially.

We consider your comfort important, so our Portuguese language classes in Dubai are catered to your needs and schedule.

In-person Portuguese classes in Dubai

Learning Portuguese face-to-face is the best way to improve your skills. With our Portuguese language classes in Dubai, you will immerse yourself in the language and practice speaking it during conversations.

Private classes

Our private courses grant you ultimate flexibility. With individual instructions, you will get:

  • full freedom with regard to the number of lessons, scheduling, and length of the contract
  • course content, learning speed, and tuition schedules set according to your level and goals
  • undivided attention from your native-fluent instructor

Group classes

With our group classes, you will enjoy a community experience during language learning. Berlitz Dubai's group courses offer you:

  • an opportunity to converse with your peers on the same language-learning journey as you
  • an experienced native-fluent teacher using the Berlitz Method
  • practices that focus on your speaking and listening skills, supported by reading and writing

Intensive classes

If you want to reach your goals and become fluent fast, don't look any further! Our intensive Portuguese language classes in Dubai include:

  • intensive learning process - 9 hours a day
  • lunch with your instructor so you can practice your skills in a social setting
  • undivided attention on you and your goals during your full-day lessons

Why learn Portuguese with Berlitz in Dubai?

  • There are around 3,000 Portuguese expats living and working in Dubai, which makes it the biggest Portuguese community in the area.
  • As Portuguese is spoken in a number of African countries, it opens the door to professional relationships with a wide range of businesses.
  • By learning to speak the language, you will have a chance to strike up conversations with Portuguese-speaking people and get to know their vibrant culture.

Get started learning Portuguese at any level with Berlitz Dubai

Whether you want to start learning Portuguese from the basics or are already familiar with the language, Berlitz Dubai has a class for you. Pick the level of your courses and begin your language-learning journey with us!

Online Portuguese classes with Berlitz

Are you looking for an alternative way to learn Portuguese in Dubai? Berlitz offers you high-quality, customizable language education that fits your busy lifestyle. With our online classes, you can save time and energy and take your Portuguese classes from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to speak Portuguese fluently from scratch takes between 180 (with private classes) and 240 (with group classes) hours, and you will need to go through all levels, from beginner classes to intermediate and then advanced.

If you already have some knowledge of Portuguese, it will take you between 120 (with private classes) and 180 (with group classes) hours to complete the intermediate and advanced courses.

If you have a solid Portuguese language background, you can take an advanced course with Berlitz Dubai and reach fluency with 60 hours of learning privately or 80 hours of group classes.

If you want to see progress even faster, you can take intensive Portuguese courses in Dubai with Berlitz. You'll actively speak Portuguese during your lessons with a native-fluent instructor dedicated to your development. Focused on your specific language goals, this intensive class will improve your language skills by one Berlitz level a week.

No matter the format you choose, you can attend your course both face-to-face and online.

You can take Portuguese classes in Dubai at two Berlitz language centers:

If you want to save time commuting, you can also learn Portuguese with Berlitz's online classes.