The ability to speak French will open doors for you in your career and social circles, and it will also foster inclusiveness and a sense of belonging wherever you travel across the country.

Our Berlitz Language Center in Ottawa offers a range of French courses from intense one-on-one instruction, to social small group learning. We combine over a century of educational experience with the latest linguistic research and techniques, to provide you with a quality education that will give you skills that last a lifetime.

Benefits of learning French

As one of the two official languages in Canada, French is an important language in our political and legal systems, as well as our federal civil service, and in communities across the country.

Having a working understanding of French will open employment, educational and social doors for you, all while stimulating your mind and opening a new world of art and culture.

In-person French classes in Ottawa

We offer a range of in-person courses at our Ottawa Language Center, including one-on-one training as well as small group lessons.

Working face-to-face in a supportive environment you practice your new skills in real-life conversations, getting instant feedback and guidance on your form, while learning the nuances of in-person communication.

Private classes

Got a specific goal in mind? Our private classes are 100% customized to help you achieve your goals. We tailor the content to your interests and work with you to ensure you achieve what you want in the timeframe that you need.

Group classes

Learn French in Ottawa, interact and make new friends in our small group classes. Perfect for people who enjoy social learning, our group classes will have you speaking in French with your peers from day one.


Need to learn French fast? Take a deep dive into the language and immerse yourself in French with our intensive courses that are designed to get you fluent fast.

Online French classes

You’re busy, we get that. That’s why we offer flexible online learning options so that you can learn French at a time and at a place that’s convenient for you.

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