Our multiple award-winning self-study platform offers 24/7 training tailored to your interests and preferred areas of focus – featuring interactive exercises, pronunciation training, a speed memorization tool, and much more. We also offer a gaming area, where you can collect points for your hard work and test your skills against other members of the community!

For beginners and advanced learners: English and French (CEFR A1-C1), German and Spanish (CEFR A1-B1, first basic knowledge of the language required)


  • Interactive, inexpensive, and flexible online learning options, around the clock, every day
  • Customized from the get-go: Online language audit to assess your previous knowledge and understand your requirements
  • Customized content: Content modules based on more than 200 professions and over 25 industries
  • Micro learning: Many exercises can be completed in just a few minutes, making it easy to integrate lessons into your work routine
  • Progress evaluations: Detailed reports documenting your progress
  • For computer, smartphone or tablet