Do you want to speed up or strengthen your English skills in record time? With our intensive English classes, you will be immersed in the language, whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. Different formulas exist in order to best adapt to your needs and objectives, allowing you to progress quickly.

Our intensive English classes are based on the Berlitz Method which focuses primarily on speaking and communicating in the target language. Berlitz’s intensive english program consists of one to one English lessons with a native speaking instructor. Personalized classes means quick progress and results.

Choose your intensive English course

Berlitz offers 3 options, depending on how intensive you prefer the course to be:

  • Semi intensive week without lunch: 30 hours/ week (ie 6 hours/ day). 12 units per day
  • Semi intensive week with lunch: same as previously + business lunch break in English with your teacher to keep practicing the language. Result: 37h30/week, ie 7h30/day
  • Intensive week: the most intensive form with 45hours/ week = 9 hours/day including lunch. Enables students to gain one level in a week.

Access to the CyberTeacher self learning platform is included to complement the classes.

Each Berlitz trainer frames the course content to make it the best fit for the students. This simplifies the acquisition and cognitive understanding of the new language. By working on subjects that interest you, you stay motivated, grasp the language easily and get to know different cultures. Thanks to the constant monitoring of your trainer and the support of all Berlitz staff, you will quickly and efficiently reach your language goals.

Benefits of joining our English intensive courses

  • Fast and sustainable oral progress thanks to the intensity of the course pace
  • Educational materials adapted to the learner's objectives
  • Putting into practice in writing what has been worked on during the day
  • Special attention from qualified and native-speaking trainers

If you want to know more about our English intensive program, contact us through the form below