Discover your full potential by learning English in Toronto with Berlitz. By mixing continuous practice, supportive feedback, and engaging speaking exercises, we created the perfect combination for quick language acquisition. Our English courses in Toronto are conducted in a friendly environment, where our native-fluent instructors use exclusively English to communicate with you and encourage you to do the same. Developing your English skills this way will get you far in the job market and make traveling, socializing, and studying in Toronto easier.

Format of our English Courses in Toronto

The best way to learn a language is to engage in live conversations. During our face-to-face classes, you will use English to communicate with your Berlitz-certified, native-fluent instructor to practice your skills and improve your confidence. To fit all preferences, we offer private instructions and group classes as well as intensive courses.

Private classes

With our private English classes, you get a language learning experience personalized to your needs. During your classes, you receive the undivided attention of your instructor and a curriculum that focuses on your individual goals. Customize your lessons, set your own pace, and experience exclusive, one-to-one language instruction with Berlitz Toronto.

Group classes

Ideal for those who want to enjoy a true community experience during language learning, our group courses allow you to progress with peers who are on the same level. Immerse yourself in English by interacting, socializing, and practicing your skills in an encouraging environment.

Intensive classes

Are you planning on taking English classes in Toronto with some specific goals? By mixing consistent practice with quick progress, our intensive classes will bring you the desired results in a matter of weeks.

Instructor writing on a whiteboard during a small group English class in the Berlitz Toronto Language Center while the students are making notes

Berlitz language center in Toronto

We offer in-person English lessons in our language center located in the heart of the central business district in downtown Toronto. Our facility:

  • features five state-of-the-art classrooms
  • is fully wheelchair accessible
  • offers private and small group classes
  • is easily accessible via bike or car and close to King subway stop and King St West at University Ave West Side transit stop

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Student high fiving each other during a beginner English class at Berlitz Toronto

Get started learning English at any level with Berlitz Toronto

Not everyone looking for English language courses in Toronto is on the same level - and that's okay! We offer English classes for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students. Check your current language level with our online placement test and select the course that matches you the best. Set sail on your language-learning journey towards fluency with us, and enjoy the support of our instructors during your classes.

Beginner English courses

Develop your language skills with our English courses specifically designed for beginner-level students. With continuous feedback from your instructor, you will start building the foundations that will help you reach fluency. Using the immersive Berlitz method, we will have you speaking English from your very first lesson.

Intermediate English courses

If you are already familiar with the basics of the English language, our intermediate classes are the perfect choice for further improving your skills. Learn how to sustain conversations in professional and personal environments and start communicating with confidence in your voice and skills. Take the next step towards fluency with our English classes in Toronto.

Advanced English courses

Do you feel like you are ready to master your English skills? Our advanced courses offer you an opportunity to do just that. Since English is one of Canada's official languages, speaking it fluently will undoubtedly come in handy in all sorts of social and professional situations. Ensure clear communication even in the most complex situations by learning English in Toronto with us and thrive in your career!

Man in headset sitting in his kitchen and taking an online English class with Berlitz Toronto from his laptop

Online English classes with Berlitz Toronto

Do you want to take English language courses in Toronto but don't have the time to commute? We've got you covered! Our online English classes grant you the same high-quality learning experience as our face-to-face classes. The powerful combination of our innovative teaching method and the freedom of customizable online classes guarantees you get the most out of your time with us. You can choose whether you want to learn with a group or with a private instructor.

If you are looking for an independent course, you can also give a try to our self-paced study courses. With our online platform, you gain access to a variety of learning materials that are available to you any time of the day, as well as speaking exercises, culture lessons, and live coaching sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, look for an English language school in Toronto. At Berlitz, we offer English lessons at our language school on Adelaide Street West, near PATH Underground Shopping Center. Our renowned Berlitz Method highlights the importance of practical speaking skills so all of our English classes are fully conducted in English. This way, you can practice speaking the language in everyday situations and improve your confidence.

Our English classes are available in a variety of formats:

You can even prepare for your IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP exams with our language assessment preparation classes or improve your skills during our SLE preparation course.

You can choose the best English course for yourself based on your needs and goals. Berlitz Toronto has a variety of classes to fit your preferences:

  • ideal English courses for busy people: private courses and intensive classes are personalized to your schedule
  • best English classes for socializing: group courses allow you to practice your language skills with peers who are on the same learning path as you
  • best English courses for professionals: business English courses that focus on the specific language of your business
  • ideal English courses for children: engaging English classes for kids and teens mixed with fun exercises, available in private, group, and online format
  • best English courses for e-learners: online English courses and self-study classes to save time on commuting and get more flexibility

You have multiple choices to learn English in Toronto. Berlitz offers in-person private courses as well as face-to-face group classes at our language center in downtown Toronto.

You can also take online English classes with us, and enjoy the freedom that this course format grants you from anywhere.

The best way to improve your spoken English is to practice it during real-life conversations. With Berlitz Toronto's English courses, you have the opportunity to converse about diverse topics with your native-fluent instructor and classmates and improve your speaking skills and confidence at the same time. We offer in-person English classes as well as online English courses, so you can choose the most comfortable solution for you and get to practicing soon.

Yes, you can take intensive English courses with Berlitz Toronto. Follow the steps below and achieve your desired language goals fast:

  • Join our intensive language program.
  • Choose whether you prefer learning in person or online.
  • Attend 40 lessons in a week.
  • Enjoy speaking English actively during your daily double classes with two instructors.
  • Have real-life conversations.
  • Personalize your lessons to your needs.
  • Progress one Berlitz level a week.