The fastest and most direct path to language learning

Learning through immersion is one of the fastest ways to learn and understand a new language. Our intensive language program, Berlitz Total Immersion was designed with the principles of language immersion and helps students achieve results in as little as one week. Our Total Immersion classes consist of 12 daily lessons, giving you the opportunity to learn one-on-one with your instructor who will provide you with regular feedback and monitor your progress.

If you are looking for an intensive language solution, then the Total Immersion course is your best choice.

How does it work?

  • Attendants will be speaking, listening and thinking in the new language all day long
  • Tailored to your needs, focused on your specific goals
  • Effective learning experience for all language levels
  • Compact option with 12 lessons per day (more than 40 hours per week)
  • Maximized participation with at least 50% of learners’ speaking time
  • Out-of-classroom learning for practice in social contexts

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