Learn English in Helsinki with Berlitz and unlock a new world of possibilities. We offer general and customizable English courses alike regardless of your age, tailored to your specific needs and level. Whether you want to improve your social, educational, or professional prospects, we will help you speak confidently in any environment.

Benefits of learning English

Learning English broadens your horizon and opens a world of new opportunities.

  • Connect and communicate easily with foreigners
  • Apply for international schools or courses
  • Communicate effectively with your colleagues and business partners abroad
  • Improve your holidays by connecting with the locals
  • Engage at a deeper level when you watch movies, theater shows, sports events, or listen to music

In-person English courses in Helsinki

Our English language school in Helsinki offers you a wide range of classes, based on your individual needs and learning pace.

Private classes

Join a private class with Berlitz and get the undivided attention of your language teacher. Easily customize your lessons to fit your goals, and with our flexible schedule, you can learn in the rhythm you feel comfortable with.

Group classes

Are you sociable and like interacting with people? Then our group courses are the right fit for you. Communicate with your peers and improve your language skills fast by practicing real-life conversations.


Our Total Immersion technique will help you learn English in no time. If your goal is to become fluent fast, our intensive English courses in Helsinki are suitable for you. You will get personalized training, effective feedback and each lesson will be a full day of study.

Online English classes

If for any reason our in-person classes are not the right fit for you, you can choose our online classes and learn English from anywhere in the world.