The German language opens doors across the country and the world. You can learn German in Helsinki at our language school and choose from a wide range of courses.

Benefits of learning German

The German language is widely spoken in professional settings and is the 2nd most widely spoken non-official language in Finland. It comes to no surprise that learning German has its fair share of benefits, including:

  • Broader job opportunities in a multicultural environment
  • Connecting with German-speaking nationals and their culture
  • Accessing a wider range of educational facilities

In-person German courses in Helsinki

Our in-person classes come with a range of options, each with its unique set of benefits.

Private classes

Set your goals and work one-on-one with your native-fluent instructor towards reaching them. You will receive undivided attention, instant feedback, and all the necessary tools to get you speaking fluently.

Group classes

Our group classes are designed to be social and engaging. You will learn and speak German with like-minded people, under the guidance of your instructor and practice real-life conversations.


Do you like to push yourself and fast-track your progress? Then the intensive course is the right fit for you. Each lesson will be a full day of study designed to turn you into a fluent German speaker in no time.

Online German classes

We know life can get busy at times, so we offer the same in-person benefits with our online classes too. You can learn German from anywhere, even from the comfort of your living room.