We conduct a wide range of research and analysis for our clients. Some of the types of studies we have carried out are described below. 

  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Validity and Reliability Studies
  • Standard-Setting Studies
  • Alignment Studies

Psychometric Analysis  

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, skills, and abilities. We have the capability to conduct psychometric analyses of language tests based on field-test or operational-test data. We can conduct both classical item analyses and analyses using Item Response Theory (IRT), to provide item-level data (for example, item difficulty and discrimination, and distractor analyses). These item analyses then feed into more complex analyses related to test reliability and validity.  

Validity and Reliability Studies  

We also conduct work in test validation. We analyze test data and test results for evidence of reliability and validity, including evidence of content, criterion-related, construct, consequential, convergent and discriminant validity. We also provide reports documenting the test development procedures as well as the results of the test validation study.  

Standard-Setting Studies  

A standard-setting study is a process to establish score requirements or cut-off scores in order to rate examinees at various proficiency levels or to determine the minimum score that should be required to pass a test. We conduct standard-setting studies for different assessment instruments using a variety of methods including the Angoff and Bookmark methods, among others.  

Alignment Studies  

We conduct alignment studies of standard-based assessments in order to provide evidence of the alignment between an assessment and a set of standards. An alignment study provides a systematic procedure for quantifying the degree of alignment of academic content standards and assessments.

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