Intercultural expertise through online training

Are you interested in working with people from different cultures? Would you like to learn more about your own cultural preferences and improve your intercultural communication skills?

Cultural Navigator

Our Cultural Navigator e-learning platform is an ideal way for you to prepare yourself for working with people of different cultures. You can analyze your own cultural preferences and receive an individual report. Based on these results, you can prepare for working with people from more than 100 nations, using our wide-ranging e-learning-programs to anchor your knowledge for long-term success.

The Cultural Navigator imparts valuable knowledge in the following areas:

  • Intercultural competences
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Intercultural teamwork
  • Relocation and repatriation

The Cultural Navigator is useful in situations such as:

  • Effectively preparing for international meetings
  • Supervising international teams
  • Improving your negotiation and intercultural communication skills
  • Getting ready to travel internationally

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