Increase leadership success with business training

In addition to professional expertise, employees are increasingly expected to have communication skills, efficient work techniques and strategic skills. This is precisely where our business seminars for individual leadership success come into play. We offer the support skilled workers and managers need in the practice-oriented training and deepening of their leadership competencies and soft skills.

Berlitz leadership seminars: More than meets the eye

Our range of training seminars

From leadership to resilience to time management - choose from around 40 seminar topics. All seminars can be conducted in German or English, either as in-person training or in a virtual training room.

For anyone who wants to be prepared for the realities of the VUCA world and changing leadership images.

Career Development Programs for Your Leadership SuccessLeading Diverse Teams
New to LeadershipHealthy Leadership

For all those who see more in the "we" than just "me and others".

TeamworkAgile teamwork
Working in Diverse TeamsWorking in Hybrid Teams
Working in Virtual TeamsEstablishing No-Blame Culture
Resilience in TeamsTeam Development
Team Culture Analysis

For those who want to build a good foundation and then face the real challenges of the job.

Business SocializingEfficient Communication
FeedbackIncrease Your Workday Efficiency
Positive Customer InteractionManaging Your Email Inbox Effectively Using Outlook
Project Methods and ToolsProfessional Stakeholder Management
Professional NegotiationsCommunication as a Key Competency
Holding Difficult ConversationsManaging Yourself and Your Time
Appreciative Communication

For all those who do not want to have their horizon blocked by mountains.

Concentration ManagementSolution-Oriented Conflict Resolution
Problem-Solving and Decision-MakingCreativity as a Key Competency

For all those who want to face the challenges of work 4.0 with courage, foresight and self-confidence.

Working on Agile ProjectsBasics of Agile Working
Unconscious BiasCustomer Centricity
Digital Productivity and OrganizationInfluencing Without Authority
Emotional IntelligenceOn-Point Business Communication

For all those who know that behind every respectful success, there is a mindful person.

MindfulnessResilience at Work
Self-MotivationStress Management
Self-Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

For all those who want to organize and run meetings like a pro.

Meeting Design and FacilitationPresent Effectively and with Confidence
Business StorytellingVirtual Presentation Skills
Facilitating Virtual Meetings

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Here’s our range of Berlitz seminars

With in-depth know-how when it comes to leadership skills and practical soft skills, you can confidently cope with today’s global requirements.

FAQs about leadership seminars

Managers’ expectations are constantly increasing. Methodology alone is no longer enough. The right attitude, a clear understanding of roles, intercultural competencies, a motivating vision and communication, presence and persuasiveness are all crucial to gaining the trust of employees and achieving the desired results. This is precisely what we work on with participants in our leadership training courses.

We would be happy to advise you on the training content relevant to your goals and put together a program tailored to your needs.

Many expectations are placed on new managers. It is important to quickly find your way around your new role, to approach new tasks in a structured manner and to know and be able to use the most relevant management tools. The main focus of our leadership seminars is therefore, in addition to sharpening management tools and methodology, to ensure a high level of execution and rapid efficiency.

Our training focuses on role clarity for young managers, imparting the most important tools with regards to developing leadership and employee management and improving persuasiveness through one-on-one feedback.

Our business training courses are available in various training formats to meet individual needs and preferences. We offer both in-person training and virtual training options to ensure you receive the best possible learning experience.

You can find out more about Berlitz seminars and their training formats here.

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