Comprehensive services for your further training

Is the further training of employees important to you? If you are looking for a reliable partner who offers personalized support and takes on both the administration and organization of further training measures, please contact us.

The Berlitz Managed Training Service offers tailor-made training services to suit your needs – directly in your learning management system (LMS) or via a corporate customer microsite developed specifically for you. Our Berlitz team is active nationwide and here for you.

You have the choice

We would be happy to provide you with customized processes or a complete solution.

Services & tools for successful further training

We offer a variety of solutions to make it easy for you to organize your training.

Training Evaluation

  • Holistic control of your language training and business seminars
  • Always keep an eye on your goals and budget
  • Online reporting including all key information

MyBerlitz Corporate

  • Individually customizable and easy to integrate into your system
  • Comprehensive statistics on training measures
  • Custom reports, always up to date

LMS integration

  • Direct access to our training products from your LMS, incl. reporting tools
  • Highest data protection and security standards
  • Technical support from IT experts

Customer Microsite

  • Overview of all employee training packages
  • Reduces internal administrative effort
  • Also as a stand-alone alternative to an LMS

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FAQs about Berlitz Managed Training Services

With Berlitz Training Evaluation System, we support you and your team in successfully implementing and scaling your further training programs: from planning to process support and administration to training evaluation:

Planning: We analyze your qualification needs and set further training goals. We survey and organize participants into groups. Training concepts and learning plans are then created by our team of experts – always taking your budget into account.

Execution: Our further training starts with a kick-off event and is continuously supported by our pedagogical management. Regular progress discussions with participants provide information regarding their success. Feedback discussions with HR development keep those responsible up to date.

Evaluation: Feedback forms and final tests form the basis for evaluating and analyzing the progress and achievement of desired goals. We can use various tools to measure acquired skills and check sustainability. We certify the success of the training with certificates or confirmations of participation. Evaluation sessions with HR development form the conclusion.

MyBerlitz Corporate is an online reporting tool for language training. Training measures should be targeted, success-oriented and sustainable investments for your company. With our professional MyBerlitz Corporate reporting tool, we provide all the relevant training measure information you need on a central online portal – all just a few clicks away, fully customizable and of course always in accordance with your specific data protection guidelines.

The most important parameters are available online, around the clock, and are updated in real time. Not only do you gain valuable insights into your return on investment, but you can also use the reporting data as a control tool.

Do you already use a learning management system (LMS) to organize further training for your company? We provide the support you need in connecting Berlitz Training to your system in a multi-functional and profitable way.

That’s why when we develop programs and systems, we always focus on smooth integration into your learning management system. We can quickly and easily implement most Berlitz solutions into almost any LMS – we offer standardized interfaces, clear processes and knowledgeable technical support.

The 4 steps of LMS implementation:

  1. Coordination: checking current situation and requirements
  2. Development: configuring system together with your IT department
  3. Test phase: joint testing and final release
  4. Launch: using the interface incl. single sign-ons, reporting, and much more

With our tailor-made corporate customer microsite – for LMS integration or as a stand-alone solution – you can clearly communicate and perfectly organize training for everyone involved right from the very start.

Time-saving administration

Simplify the important steps of the onboarding process for your teams – and free up more time for other tasks.

Instant training information

Your employees can obtain information via a modern user interface – in real time and on any device. With just a few clicks you can explore program options, arrange consultations, or take the placement test. Additionally, employees can register for courses (with or without supervisor approval) and receive all the details they need.

Easy handling

You can manage your employees' inquiries, registrations, and reviews and easily change course information from the corporate customer microsite.

Tailor-made design

We will set up your microsite to suit your needs, depending on the level of functionality and customization you require – from our basic "Base" version to a fully "Customized" version.

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