In many countries of the world, there is no guaranteed access to schools, instruction, or high-quality teaching. On the contrary – in many places, there is a shortage of classrooms, teaching materials, and teachers. It is our goal to help children in such locations through the Berlitz Educational Foundation.

The educational foundation for children

In collaboration with Plan International, an organization aimed at advancing children’s rights, since October 2006 the Berlitz Educational Foundation has been carrying out projects aimed at improving educational opportunities for children, primarily in Africa. The Berlitz Foundation lets us make a small contribution toward offering children a brighter future by helping them along the path to education.

Current project: Education for children in Malawi

Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. Even though school attendance is compulsory for elementary school, only half of the children attend classes. Crowded classrooms, missing furniture, and a lack of supplies impair the learning conditions. Both elementary schools, Mkoma and Malika, in the project region Lilongwe suffer from a lack of facilities. In Mkoma, 2574 students have to share 16 classrooms while the majority of the girls and boys sit on the floor and classes are partially held outside. Similar conditions can be found in Malika. Additionally, the sanitary installations are in very poor condition, which makes it difficult for students, especially for girls, to protect their privacy.

Our project “School education for the children in Malawi” aims to improve the learning conditions in the elementary schools Mkoma and Malika.

The foundation's funds are used for:

  • Building classrooms, accommodations for teachers, and sanitary installations
  • Extending the water supply
  • Providing furniture and school supplies
  • Educating teachers in child-friendly teaching methods and equality

By financially supporting this Plan International Project, Berlitz wishes to contribute to a safe and child-friendly learning environment for students at both elementary schools in Malawi.

How you can help

You want to support our projects? A donation can be easily made via bank transfer. Of course we are happy to provide you with a donation receipt. The tax office accepts a simple payment document for donations less than 200€. We thank you very much for your support!

The Berlitz Foundation is our small contribution in providing children with a better education and therefore helping them to a brighter future.

Help us to help others!

Berlitz Educational Foundation for Children

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