The perfect language-learning adventure

What is the secret to the success of our popular Berlitz holiday camps? Combining language learning with fun free-time and sports activities. Held all over Germany, from the North Sea to the Alps, the camps allow 7- to 17-year-olds to actively learn English, French, German, or Spanish all day long, completely immersing themselves in the target language from the time they get up to the time they go to bed.

Motivating language lessons in the morning encourage the young participants to speak, while in the afternoons and evenings, they continue to learn without even realizing it during a wide array of activities.

Some 10,000 children and teenagers attend Berlitz holiday language camps every year. We hope to welcome your child soon!

You can check the dates of the camps and sign up for the one that’s right for you here.

Benefits of Berlitz Holiday Camps:

  • More than 60 locations and more than 300 dates covering all school vacations in all German states
  • Combines instruction, sports activities, and creative workshops
  • Experienced, native-speaker camp counsellors
  • Learning by doing – the target language is spoken the entire day
  • Success boosts motivation

English Day Camps

Berlitz English Day Camps offer the language camp experience without leaving home. A week-long day camp packed with fun and interesting activities. Our camps are held in locations such as Norderstedt, Berlin, Hanover, Stuttgart, and Kronberg.

Family Camp

Our Family Camps offer education, relaxation, and vacation fun for the entire family. This makes it easier on a child who might hesitate at the thought of going away to a holiday camp and starting to learn a foreign language. And the older members of the family also have an opportunity to brush up their foreign language skills in the morning lessons. Why not give it a try?

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