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How is the food? What are my payment options? Participating in a language camp can be very exciting for children. And for parents as well!

Below you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions - from booking to transfers to the stay at the camp itself. You will also find important information about Corona here.

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1. Registration, Booking, Payment

Simply select your state in the filter in the online shop. Camp dates for locations in your state are coordinated with that state’s school vacation schedule. If you would like to know if camps in other states match the week you are looking for, you can find an overview here (in German).

Our programs meet the same standards at all camp locations. The most important consideration is therefore the distance from your home.

If your child is interested in a particular topic or sports program, it is important to weigh up whether you are prepared for your child to make the journey to and from more distant locations.

Yes, at selected locations we offer Family Camps where parents can also come along.

At the Family Camp, adults and children learn English separately in the mornings. The afternoons and evenings are spent partly together and partly separately. Adults can look forward to a Pub Quiz for Adults or a Literature Night, for example.

A first deposit is due at the moment of your booking. The cost of the deposit can be found on the invoice which we send to you together with your booking confirmation. The outstanding balance is due six weeks before the start of the camp at the very latest.

A deposit is due as soon as we send you the booking confirmation by email. You will find the exact amount directly in your invoice, which you will receive together with the confirmation email.

Please pay the remaining amount six weeks before the start of the camp at the very latest. Of course, you can also pay the entire amount straight away.

We accept the following payment methods in our online shop: Visa, Mastercard, Giropay and SEPA. Please note that SEPA payment is only available for German accounts.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you will find our bank details at the bottom of the invoice that you receive via email with the booking confirmation.

You can check for yourself how much you have already paid and the balance you still have to pay:

  1. Open the link to "Invoice and payment". You will find this link in your confirmation email or via the QR code at the top right of your PDF invoice.
  2. After you have opened the link, you will see the outstanding amount in the "Payment" area. If you have already paid the full amount, the "Payment" area will not appear.
  3. You can also download your current invoice here. This shows the amounts already paid and, if applicable, the outstanding balance.

Yes, we do! When registering siblings, the second and each subsequent child will receive a 10% discount on the language camp price. You can select the discount in the checkout when booking these together and it will be deducted directly from the price.

If the siblings are attending different camps, please contact our team.

2. At Camp

Your contact person at the camp is the Camp Director, who also speaks German. Before the camp starts, you will receive an email with the name and telephone number of the Camp Director.

If you would like to contact the Camp Director, simply send a text message with your callback request. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding that the Camp Directors cannot be immediately reached at all times, as they are also responsible for the entire organization and supervision of the camps.

Our team of camp counselors is there for the participants all day, teaching in the mornings, arranging activities in the afternoons and evenings, and acting on many of the ideas with the campers.

These counselors come from different countries around the world and are native speakers of the camp language. They always share interesting aspects of their cultures as well. The experienced team receives regular professional training from us in teaching languages to children and young people.

Each holiday camp also has a supervising camp director who can speak German in case of an emergency.

Youth hostel, ranch during our riding camps, or a sailboat: The type of accommodation for the children and teenagers is listed for each camp. Mostly there are shared rooms, sometimes also single apartments.

And what is there to eat?

  • At overnight language camps, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. At many locations, there is a hot meal in the evening and a self-prepared packed lunch at lunchtime.
  • At day camps we provide snacks and drinks.

Please contact us if your child has food allergies or intolerances, or requires a special diet. We will be happy to check if your chosen camp location can accommodate dietary needs and offer alternatives.

Our team is very experienced when it comes to homesickness or other concerns, and has a variety of practical solutions. The camp team is there for the children around the clock.

But even before the camp, you can help to avoid this before it starts: explain to your child how the trip will be and pack a familiar item. Those going to the holiday camp for the first time can perhaps go together with a friend. Explain to your child that the Berlitz team is always there and can be approached at any time.

You can also read these and many more practical tips about preventing and handling homesickness on our blog (in German).

The leisure activities vary and depend on the location. You can already choose from different programs when booking: These range from horseback riding and football camps to windsurfing programs or canoeing adventures.

In addition to these fixed program elements, our teams plan our other activities on site on a daily basis in order to be able to react flexibly to the wishes of the participants as well as the local weather.

Take a look at our sample weekly schedule, which illustrates a typical camp week.

The age groups are indicated for each camp. If you are concerned because your child is right at the lower or upper age limit, you are welcome to contact the camp team in advance. We can then give you information about the ages of the other participants.

Yes, absolutely! Usually a relatively big number of the participants come to camp without any friends - but go home with many new ones!

3. Language Training

Regardless whether it is a sports camp, a climbing camp or else: The kids and teens are exposed to the foreign language from early in the morning until late at night and use it actively. The native-speaker team at the camp makes sure of this.

In the mornings, it’s time for language instruction: Learning takes place through exercises that encourage active speaking, such as interviews or role-playing. During the afternoon and evening group activities, all communication between the staff and your child will also take place in the foreign language. Exceptions are made for instructions for special sports activities, safety-related information, or emergencies.

Of course the kids sometimes speak to each other in their native language. But customer feedback from recent years shows that most students are more confident in speaking in the foreign language after the holiday camp.

All Berlitz counselors speak the language of your selected camp – English, French, Spanish or German – as their mother tongue. Accordingly, all communication between the counselors and your child will take place in the foreign language.

Exceptions are instructions for special sports programs, safety-related information or emergencies.

4. Transfer

You can find detailed information about arrivals and departures in the travel information for the individual camp locations.

Please check on which day of the week the arrival and departure fall, and at what times the children can be brought and picked up.

Please note that some of our Language Camps run from Sunday to Saturday, others start on a Saturday and end on a Friday. We have listed the respective camp duration for you here:

  • 1-week camps include 6 overnight stays
  • 2-week camps include 12 overnight stays (Möhnesee, Mimbach, Ratingen and Darmstadt: 13 overnight stays)
  • Day camps last 5 days and do not include overnight stays

The meeting points for the transfers and transfer times are listed in the travel information for the individual camp locations.

You will receive an email with the contact details of the camp director, including the telephone number, before the start of the camp. The transfer will be chaperoned.

On your invoice, you can see what type of travel you have booked. If you would like to change it, please send an email to the contact person for your camp.

You will also receive a separate email confirming the type of travel booked before the start of the camp.

5. Insurances, Forms, Documents

You will receive all the important information from us by email in good time before the start of the camp.

  • You will receive a link to the online questionnaire where you can indicate emergency contacts, medical advice, any learning difficulties with the target language, etc.
  • We will send you travel documents with a packing list, information about the program, times for arrival and departure, the contact details of the Camp Director who will be looking after the children on site, etc.
  • You will also receive detailed information about Corona and the hygiene regulations at your chosen camp location in good time before the start of the camp.

Berlitz offers you various travel insurance options from HanseMerkur.

  • For holiday camps within Germany, we recommend travel cancellation insurance, or the more comprehensive Berlitz Germany coverage (including travel cancellation insurance, holiday guarantee, travel health insurance, emergency and luggage insurance).
  • For trips to other European countries, the Berlitz European cover is a good choice.
  • In combination with these insurance options, you can also book our additional Corona protection. This includes travel cancellation insurance and holiday guarantee even in the event of domestic isolation or quarantine.

Berlitz offers you various travel and supplementary insurance policies from HanseMerkur. Below you will find an overview of the insurance packages, and you can download the details.

Travel cancellation insurance:

If you cancel a travel booking for an insured reason or start a trip late, we will reimburse you for the cancellation costs or the additional outward travel costs respectively.

Details about travel cancellation insurance

Berlitz coverage for Germany:

  • Travel cancellation insurance (see above)
  • Holiday guarantee (travel interruption insurance)
  • Travel health insurance in Germany and border regions
  • Emergency insurance
  • Luggage insurance

Details about Berlitz Germany coverage

Berlitz European cover:

  • Travel cancellation insurance (see above)
  • Holiday guarantee (travel interruption insurance)
  • Travel health insurance including repatriation
  • Emergency insurance
  • Luggage insurance

Details about Berlitz European coverage

Additional Corona protection:

Can only be booked as a supplement to one of the three insurance options above. Includes travel cancellation insurance and holiday guarantee also in the event of domestic isolation (quarantine) as a result of an official order or an order by an authorized third party.

Details about Corona protection

Please choose the insurance package below for more details and information:

We recommend booking the insurance directly together with the language camp in our online shop. You can simply add the desired insurance in the booking process.

Adding an insurance after you have booked your camp is only possible within 48 hours and must be done manually by a Berlitz employee. To do so, please contact us by email at sprachcamps@berlitz.de.

6. Corona

Yes, you can book without worries! We assume that our Language Camps can proceed in compliance with the requirements and the applicable regulations at the time of camp.

The safety and health of our camp participants and their families as well as of our team are always our utmost priority! Of course, all camps take place in compliance with the current requirements of the authorities and a comprehensive hygiene plan, which has already proven itself.

Since the requirements may still change, we might receive new information from our guest houses at short notice before the camp starts on how the applicable rules will be implemented in their accommodation. We will notify all participants of any last minute changes per email.

As things stand, Berlitz runs Kids & Teens language camps according to the 3G regulation (fully vaccinated, recovered or tested). Depending on the camp location, accommodation and the respective infection situation, there may be additional individual rules and regulations.

Since the situation can change at any time, you will receive specific instructions and requirements for your booked camp by e-mail shortly before the start of your trip.

We will also be happy to inform you personally.

The health of all participants and counselors is our top priority. Naturally, all camps will take place in accordance with the regulations set out by the authorities and with a comprehensive hygiene plan which proved highly effective during our 2020 and 2021 Language Camps.

Please help us keep the Language Camps safe by following these rules:

  1. A negative COVID-19 test not more than 24 hours old must be presented on arrival. This must be an official test, not a self test. Exemptions are made for COVID recovered and fully immunized participants, provided these are certified as such.
  2. Please read the Berlitz Camps Hygiene Measures carefully.
  3. Please review these rules with your children and explain why it will be necessary to take their temperature before traveling as well as to wear a medical or FFP2 mask in certain situations at the camp.
  4. Please pack at least one mask for each day of camp. Masks must be changed daily. Please pack a dirty laundry bag, make sure that worn clothing is stowed in this dirty laundry bag and that used masks are disposed of in the trash can.
  5. Since hygiene requirements are subject to change at short notice, we may receive new information from our guest houses before the camp starts on how the applicable rules will be implemented in their accommodation. We will notify all participants of any last-minute changes by email.

For your coverage in case of illness or quarantine, we recommend the insurance "Berlitz Deutschlandschutz" and "Corona Zusatzschutz". You can also contact our team for more information.

If a camp cannot take place, we will inform you by e-mail at least 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

In case of cancellation by Berlitz, the language camps are covered as package tours according to German travel law. You will then receive a full refund of your payment or a credit for a later travel date. You can download the "Formblatt zur Information bei Pauschalreisen" ("Information form for package tours") here.

We also offer travel cancellation insurance plus Corona additional protection - please contact our team for further information.

We are ready when you are!

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