Discover different cultures and gain a better understanding of the world

Being able to speak the same language as the person opposite you is an excellent starting point. But adding intercultural knowledge enables you to communicate more effectively and demonstrate respect. Berlitz ensures you’re well prepared.

Culturally aware teams are demonstrably more likely to build meaningful relationships with customers, based on a sense of trust. They’re also more likely to avoid misunderstandings and thus function more successfully on an international level. This is why, as a fixed element of all language training courses, Berlitz combines language skills with cross-cultural knowledge. We also offer a variety of special training options, not just for adults but also for kids and teens.

Benefits of intercultural learning with Berlitz:

  • Gain a practical understanding of different cultures
  • Hands-on knowledge that can be applied quickly to actual situations
  • Ideas that will help you deal with the challenges of intercultural collaboration
  • Develop cross-cultural knowledge
  • An opportunity to interact with course participants from different countries

Berlitz ensures you’re well prepared for international communication

Asking for personal advice

Need help choosing the right course? Or do you need to ask us something else about our intercultural training options? We’re happy to help: Simply contact us today for advice – via email, by calling us, or by visiting a Berlitz Center of your choice.

Living and working in Germany

Living and working in Germany means understanding more than just the language. You also need to learn about everyday life and interactions with others. To really understand Germany, you need to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Language trips abroad

The success behind our highly popular Berlitz language camps for kids and teens lies in the combination of language trips with attractive leisure and sports activities. For adults, we run a program called Berlitz Study Abroad, offering not only language instruction but also the chance to discover a different country.

Intercultural training and tools

We offer a variety of training options to support you with the professional challenges of working in an intercultural environment. The training we offer ranges from online courses to in-house seminars and e-learning training options.

Why intercultural knowledge is so important

Whether you’re traveling abroad on business or looking after international customers, whether you’re part of an international team, leading such a team, or you’re even going to work as an expat for a foreign subsidiary – intercultural knowledge is now considered a core competence for people at all levels of a company. It also plays a central role in everyday life – at home and abroad. The benefits to you in a nutshell:

  • Interact successfully with others, beyond the borders of your own country
  • Ideal preparation for living and working in Germany and other countries
  • Cross-cultural knowledge, ideal for collaborative projects


Berlitz Study Abroad takes course participants out of the classroom and involves them in everyday life. When you spend time in a country, you experience the language up close within a social and cultural context – meaning you automatically have to speak the language and acquire cross-cultural knowledge. Our Berlitz Study Abroad program allows us to immerse language-learners in an intensive and varied language experience.

Many language trips are designed for large groups, so they tend to appeal to younger audiences. Participants on the Berlitz Study Abroad program are, on average, around 30 years of age or older. They also tend to have completely different expectations. As a result, our language courses focus on individual instruction for small groups of 3 to 5 people. This allows us to cater much more closely to individual learning needs. We also organize cultural events in parallel to the program to match the age of course participants.

Naturally, we do also look after our young language-learners, organizing Berlitz language camps for children aged between 7 and 17 years to actively learn English, French, German, or Spanish – and of course have a fun time with others. In addition, we offer a variety of special activities and sports events, all supervised by an experienced team of native speakers.

To help with integration and living and working in Germany, Berlitz offers practical training to make it easier to get off to a successful start. In addition to learning language basics, training covers specialist vocabulary, situations relevant to the work, and intercultural learning. Our integration courses are based on requirements laid down by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). Having successfully received approval from the BAMF, participating in our courses is free of charge.

Our integration courses are aimed at:

  • Migrants
  • Ethnic German resettlers
  • Germans with a migratory background
  • EU citizens
  • Asylum seekers currently involved in asylum procedures; people with a temporary stay permit (Duldung)

The ideal starting point is our e-learning platform, the so-called Cultural Navigator. In addition to allowing you to analyze your cultural preferences, you also receive an individual report. This enables you to prepare for working with people from more than 100 different nations. You can also solidify your cross-cultural knowledge over the long term thanks to a variety of e-learning options.

Any questions on the intercultural learning options offered by Berlitz?

Interested in spending time in Germany, going on a language trip, or simply want to build on your understanding of intercultural issues? Need to ask us a question? We’ll be pleased to help you. Simply contact us – with no obligation on your part. An expert at Berlitz will get right back to you.