German lessons for older teenagers and young adults in Berlin

We offer youth integration courses in Berlin for all young people between the ages of 16 and 26. Learn German from scratch or improve your knowledge of German with people of a similar age. In addition to teaching German, the youth integration courses also focus on the customs of Germany, providing information that makes it easier to live and work in the country. Courses take place in small groups of up to 15 people with a focus on the most important aspects of daily life.

Interested in an integration course for young adults?

Our course overview provides useful information to set the ball rolling for you. Simply select the Berlitz Center in Charlottenburg, Berlin. You’ll then see a choice of possible courses, showing which ones are starting soon. Found the right course? Feel free to get in touch.

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Been through the course overview and identified the right training for you? And do you have a qualification certificate (Berechtigungsschein) or written approval for a BAMF integration course for young adults? Fill out our contact form and allow us to go through the details.

Course details

Similar to our general integration courses, the integration courses targeted at young adults in Berlin consist of a language course and an orientation course. The course program includes a maximum of 1,000 lessons, each lasting 45 minutes.

Language course: The language course usually consists of 900 lessons. The basic language course provides an understanding of the fundamentals of German. The courses consist of 300 lessons. The advanced German course is divided into advanced language course A followed by advanced language course B, each consisting of 300 lessons. The courses focus on topics of daily life such as going shopping, leisure activities, social contacts, the media, and healthcare topics. They will help you improve your listening, writing, and speaking skills.

Orientation course: The orientation course takes place after completion of the German course and consists of 100 lessons. Topics include German culture, politics, the legal system, and German society.

Final certificate: After finishing the language course, a certificate test takes place. The orientation course concludes with the BAMF test on “Living in Germany.” If you do not pass the final test you may have to repeat the course.

To participate in a Berlitz integration course for young adults, you will need written approval in the form of a Berechtigungsschein (certificate of eligibility). Application forms can be obtained from

  • The Foreigners’ Office (Ausländerbehörde)
  • The job center or welfare agency
  • The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
  • The Federal Refugee Office (the Bundesvertriebenenamt for ethnic German resettlers)
  • Immigration advisers

If your certificate of eligibility (Berechtigungsschein) has an expiration date, contact Berlitz before that date. If you already know some German, a written Berlitz language test will be conducted before the course. This will help you select the right German course.

The course overview shows all courses and the regular course fees. Because we are a recognized provider of courses, written approval will entitle you to a subsidy of up to 100%. We will be happy to calculate the costs that will specifically apply to you.

See the overview for the dates of integration courses for young adults in Berlin. Not found the right course for you? Please contact a Berlitz Center directly in your area. We can help you identify when a suitable integration course is starting.

Already received written confirmation that you can participate in a BAMF German course? Allow us to arrange a consultation session so we can assess your current German language skills and determine which course is right for you.

The integration courses for young adults usually take place in the afternoon in groups of no more than 15 people. The lessons are held on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The German courses for young adults are mainly held at the Berlitz Center Berlin Charlottenburg. One thing that’s special about the integration courses for young adults is that they’re based on a particularly interactive approach to teaching and you get to learn in small groups with people of your own age.

You will be supervised by our qualified German instructors, all of whom are certified to teach BAMF integration courses and regularly receive in-house training at Berlitz.

Advice and registration

Contact us today and ask us your questions – with no obligation on your part. An expert at Berlitz will get back to you as soon as possible.