Building intercultural competencies

Intercultural collaboration has long been part of everyday life for many specialists and managers. It is an exciting and enriching experience, but also presents challenges. Berlitz supports you with intercultural training in all areas related to international cooperation, as well as in direct engagement with a specific culture.

Our offering ranges from training to prepare for expatriation to intercultural coaching and safety training. All seminars can be conducted in German or English, as face-to-face training or in a virtual training room.

This is what the intercultural training offers you

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These are the intercultural trainings at Berlitz

We support you with our intercultural expertise and give you a holistic understanding of the country, people, and culture.

FAQs about intercultural training

Today, in times of international cooperation and virtual teams, intercultural skills are considered a core competency for managers and employees. Whether you are traveling abroad on business or looking after international customers, working in an international team, leading such a team, or being sent to a foreign branch as an expat – the topic of intercultural competence is constantly relevant.

Our intercultural trainings will sensitize you to the topic of intercultural cooperation. Here, you will receive both valuable theoretical basics and practical applied knowledge for direct implementation in your everyday work.

If you would like to build skills in the area of intercultural competence as part of a future-proof and sustainable strategy, we are the right people to contact. We look at cultures holistically, change perspectives, and awaken curiosity, appreciation and openness – everything you need for professional success in intercultural collaboration. And not only that: our training courses appeal to many target groups.

  • Globally operating companies that negotiate with international business partners
  • Managers who take responsibility for international teams
  • Employees who belong to an intercultural team or go abroad

Whether face-to-face training, trainer-led online live seminar, e-learning, or as a hybrid measure: everything is possible. Together, we will find the best solution for you and your company.

Here you can find out more about the training formats of the Berlitz seminars.

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