Learn language skills quickly, individually, and effectively

Are you looking to learn a new language quickly or brush up your language skills despite your busy schedule? If your aim is to achieve your personal language-learning goals as quickly as possible, Berlitz individual instruction will help get you there.

After all, individual instruction is the most intensive way to learn a language. In this language course, your dedicated instructor is guided by you and your learning needs. Which lets you reach your language goal in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of individual instruction

  • Rapid learning progress thanks to a strong emphasis on speaking
  • Flexible schedule and individual learning priorities
  • For all language levels (A1 - C2)
  • Available in all actively spoken languages

How does individual instruction work?

Berlitz individual instruction offers tailor-made solutions for those who want to reach their goals extra quickly. Your instructor will work with you to determine the course content and times that best suit your schedule and professional needs. This allows you to practice at your own pace and learn a new language or brush up existing skills.

  • Course offerings for different proficiency levels
  • Job-related, real-world content
  • Targeted building and expansion of vocabulary
  • Learning focus corresponds to your individual requirements

What is the Total Immersion program?

Berlitz worked with the McGill University Department of Psychology in Montreal to develop a special language immersion program for the fastest possible learning progress. It’s called Total Immersion because instruction is conducted entirely in the new language.

The concept is based on regular individual instruction, made even more effective by more hours of instruction and greater intensity.

The goal is to be able to conduct advanced conversations in the new language after just a few weeks. The language immersion days are clearly structured: individual instruction in the morning, a business lunch with small talk at midday, discussion sessions with two Berlitz instructors, and independent-study periods.

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