We face a variety of language challenges on the job. Every industry and every department has its own needs and terminology. We offer you language instruction that is completely on point – based on the authentic content and specialized language of your business. This means active learning focused on a specific topic, empowering you to speak with fluency and confidence. You can select from our Business English workshops if English is your target language, and we also offer a range of specialized languages courses in German. Of course you can also choose a specific area of focus in all other languages as well.

Business English workshops

Take two days away from your work routine to dive into an intensive English course focusing on the topic of your choice. Packed with authentic content and realistic role-playing, this intensive course is for a group of up to six participants to actively practice their English skills.

With a clear focus on a specific professional topic that is essential to your career, our Business English workshops are the ideal alternative to our regular language courses. You can apply your new language skills on the job immediately. We offer a large number of courses for specialized professional needs and specific sectors.

We offer a large number of courses for specialized professional needs and specific sectors. Here are just a few possible workshop topics:

Business English for Key Qualifications

  • Telephoning in English
  • Presentations in English
  • English for Emails
  • Meetings in English

Business English for Your Department

  • English for Customer Service
  • English for Accounting

Business English for Your Industry

  • English for the Automotive Industry
  • English for Consulting Engineers
  • English for Legal Professionals

Specialized German language courses

Are you interested in taking your business German skills to the next level? Are you looking for specialized German language courses to help you on the job?

Our German courses are based on specific sector topics and target your professional language skills. Here are just a few possible topics:

  • Business Correspondence in German
  • German for Nursing
  • German for Presentations
  • Phone Calls and Work-Related Discussions in German

We offer many additional customized German-language courses for companies upon request.

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