Highly qualified experts ensure your training success

Berlitz has a worldwide network of trainers. One thing they all have in common: they are hands-on experts with long experience in conducting trainings and consultations at national and international levels. Alongside their professional expertise, they also have solid methodological skills, in order to guarantee the highest levels of interaction and success.

How we ensure the quality of our Business Trainers:

  • A rigorous selection process
  • Supervision and continuous feedback

What distinguishes our Business Trainers:

  • Many years of experience working at home and abroad
  • Extensive certification in Professional Development, for example Training, Coaching, Moderation, Agile Methodology and Assessment
  • Continual professional development in the very latest seminar topics
  • Certification as Cultural Orientations Practitioner®, based on the Cultural Orientations Approach® (COA®) and the Cultural Orientations Model™ (COM)

Our Trainer Team

Here some of our Berlitz Intercultural Skills and Management and Leadership trainers introduce themselves.

Maurice Angres

  • Certified trainer, systemic business coach, MSc in Global Human Resource Management, resiliency consultant
  • Almost 20 years of experience in leading seminars and workshops
  • Practice-oriented training and a hands-on mentality
  • Training objective: Gaining knowledge and changing behavior

Stephen Ash

  • Certified trainer, facilitator, and more
  • Specialist in communication, meeting organization, and leadership
  • Drives success with insightful questions and active listening
  • Combines cultural models with interactive and collaborative approaches

Verena Boldorf

  • Certified change manager, agile and systemic coach
  • Expert in HR and organizational development
  • Practice-oriented, with a talent for addressing individual concerns
  • Training with authenticity, open-mindedness, and humor

Clive Higton

  • Expert in intercultural management
  • Trainer, facilitator, and coach
  • Developing an open mindset for new ideas, methods, and approaches
  • Transforms participants into key players on the international stage

Stephan Hild

  • Intercultural advisor, business instructor, team coach, facilitator, and mediator
  • Certification for LEGO® Serious Play®
  • Dynamic, effective learning
  • Support for people who regularly engage in intercultural communication at work

Raoul Koether

  • Expert in project management, communication, international management, and error management
  • Corporate consultant, certified project manager, university instructor
  • Training experience from start-ups to global players
  • Soft skills for analytical types

Monika Krause

  • Certified intercultural trainer, coach, MA in Sinology
  • Regions of focus: China, Southeast Asia, and Germany
  • More than 10 years of experience in leadership development
  • Working as equals to develop solutions together

Dr. Katharina Maak

  • Certified intercultural trainer
  • Many years of intercultural experience
  • Seminars for intercultural competence, communication, cultural awareness, and more
  • Target group: professionals, managers, and expats
  • Specialist in working in a virtual environment

Alexandra Metzger

  • Creative and solution-oriented instructor
  • Subjects: international leadership, collaboration, communication, and negotiation
  • Learning that is interactive, fun, and has a lasting effect
  • Seminars in German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Dr. Jaewon Nielbock-Yoon

  • MA in Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  • PhD in Philology
  • Broad and diverse background in corporate and academic settings
  • Seminars with a focus on East Asia, Europe, and the United States

Alexander Wurz

  • Trainer and coach for more than 20 years
  • Subjects: intercultural management, leadership, and communication
  • Objective: motivated participants who are more satisfied and successful
  • Very interactive and hands-on approach with a touch of humor

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