Highly qualified experts ensure your training success

Berlitz has a worldwide network of trainers. One thing they all have in common: they are hands-on experts with long experience in conducting trainings and consultations at national and international levels. Alongside their professional expertise, they also have solid methodological skills, in order to guarantee the highest levels of interaction and success.

How we ensure the quality of our Business Trainers:

  • A rigorous selection process
  • Supervision and continuous feedback

What distinguishes our Business Trainers:

  • Many years of experience working at home and abroad
  • Extensive certification in Professional Development, for example Training, Coaching, Moderation, Agile Methodology and Assessment
  • Continual professional development in the very latest seminar topics
  • Certification as Cultural Orientations Practitioner®, based on the Cultural Orientations Approach® (COA®) and the Cultural Orientations Model™ (COM)

Our Trainer Team

Here some of our Berlitz Intercultural Skills and Management and Leadership trainers introduce themselves.

Stephen Ash

Intercultural Trainings

„I’m dedicated to the success of my participants. It is my greatest pleasure to work with them and accompany them along the way in their development. I use interactive and collaborative approaches, and combine these with the cultural models which have an impact on communication, meeting organization and leadership. 

I have been with Berlitz since 2006 and currently work in HR at the EMEA and global level. For 22 years I worked in the American health sector, and am certified in Training and Moderation, Emergency Response and Crisis Management.”

Clive Higton

Intercultural Trainings

„My chief goal in Training: to help the participations to become adept key players on the global stage, and to achieve to through practical training, moderation and coaching improved professional confidence and personal development that transcends national boundaries. 

I support each individual in developing an appreciation of diversity, in utilizing these differences and transforming their own behavior, in order to create an integrated workplace in which everyone can contribute their various skills in order to reach the goals of the business.”

Daniel Hirschler

Management & Leadership Trainings

„All change begins with contact – and therefore my professionalism is rooted in my readiness to get involved, to identify what is going on, and together to develop ways to tackle the issues. 

As a trained Organizational Developer, moderator, trainer and facilitator, I draw from my life experience and learning, from many years of international engagement from an open approach to the challenges of our time. The questions which inspire me are: How can we succeed in changing our interactions, in working together in complex situations, what is leadership here?"

Dr. Katharina Maak

Intercultural Trainings

„Even in my earliest years, I developed an interest in foreign languages and other cultures. I studied Cultural Studies, and since then have lived and worked in several European countries, mostly in Spain and Italy. 

I am keen to convey this passion and experience to managers and leaders as well as expatriates. Since 2015, as a certified Intercultural Trainer, I have been giving seminars on intercultural skills, communication, cultural awareness, preparation for overseas assignments as well as collaboration in multicultural and virtual teams.”

Alexandra Metzger

Management & Leadership Trainings

„In my work I want to convey my passion for international and intercultural collaboration. In order to work in a creative and solution-oriented way, being conscious of one’s own preferences and approaches, and building trusting relationships with others are all decisive factors. 

In 2007 I became an independent trainer and coach for international leadership, cooperation, communication and negotiations. Before this, I gained valuable experience both nationally and abroad as a manager in Purchasing and Project Management at an auto manufacturer.”

Sandra Otto

Management & Leadership Trainings

„It is my goal to inspire people with new possibilities of being and working, in which I guide them through experimentation with new concepts, ways of thinking, values and behaviors. I have a passion for new ways of working, which are goal-centred, trust-based and cooperatively conceived. I regard it as my task to ensure that the learners feel secure, inspired, engaged and on the path to the next stage of their development. To achieve this, I can call on 30 years of experience face-to-face and online in global concerns, SMEs, start-ups and social organizations in various industries and cultures.”

Daniel Urban

Management & Leadership Trainings

„As a consultant, trainer and certified coach, I am pleased to share my knowledge on the topics of innovation development, handling change, and creativity. Experience based didactics and high practical relevance are very important to me. 

I support my clients to master their personal and professional challenges independently. I work with employees, executives, top management, high potential individuals and junior executives and accompany both individuals and teams through change or creative problem solving situations.”

Alexander Wurz

Intercultural Trainings

„Respect, trust, and not being too quick to judge: these are my three drivers in all my trainings, which help my clients to have motivated employees, to communicate more efficiently, to win more customers and generally to be happier and more successful. My training approach is extremely interactive and relevant to real life, with varied examples, illustrations, videos and a dash of humour. 

For more than 22 years I have been in the field of training and have been a coach in the areas of intercultural management, leadership and communication.”

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