Continuing education exactly the way you want it – face-to-face or virtual

At Berlitz, you will always find the right training format for your needs. Simply select from the following successful formats: face-to-face instruction at the location of your choice, virtual courses, e-learning – or the best continuing education mix with our blended-learning options.

Our seminar topics an usually be booked as face-to-face and virtual courses for your company, are available worldwide, and can be combined with other offers and conducted in many languages. Talk to us about how we can meet your requirements in our Online Classroom!

In-house seminars

Single- or multi-day continuing education courses

You decide on the topics, dates, and instruction format (in-person or virtual seminar). Our in-house seminars last a day or longer, depending on how much depth you prefer. All our in-house seminars can be conducted in English upon request. Our corporate customer advisors and training development team will be happy to discuss your needs and advise you on seminar concepts. Learning success is further boosted by the use of case studies and specialist terminology from your organisation.

In-house seminars

Half-day workshops

Many of our seminar topics are available as half-day intensive courses, which can be taught in-person or online. They offer an ideal way to provide fresh momentum, boost motivation, and work your way into a complex topic. The content is aimed primarily at actual business practices and can be applied on the job right away.

Open-enrollment seminar program

Half-day virtual courses

Perfect for those looking to enroll individually. Our open-enrollment online seminars are short, concise, and interactive – and teach the essentials about relevant topics. This is where you can exchange ideas with people from other companies and in different functions, sometimes even internationally.

Organizational Development

When your company is facing complex changes

We firmly believe that an organization can only change when leaders and employees are also on board. This is where our concepts for organizational development and the fostering of a learning organization come into play. Organizational development is a planned, long-term development and change process that extends throughout the entire organization. We will be happy to put together a tailored action plan to advise and guide your company through the change process.


Reach your personal goals

Working with a coach in a one-on-one dialog helps you reflect on your questions, develop new points of view, gain a clear perspective, mobilize new resources, and be well prepared for an important situation or new role. It also provides you with a safe space to sound out new plans of action. Contact us and learn more about our coaching events and target groups.


Virtual instruction at your own pace

When employees need to work on special, defined learning content independently and remotely, e-learning is the training format of choice. Take advantage of the Cultural Navigator®, our intercultural learning platform, or the e-learning courses offered by our business partner Pink University.

Blended Learning

Modern and flexible hybrid learning

Our virtual solution is particularly flexible and intensive while still maintaining a high level of focus and engagement through the use of well-structured learning modules. In this format, we combine our compact virtual half-day seminars with e-learning. Our modules are learning nuggets that are efficient, flexible, quickly available, and particularly easy to integrate into your daily work routine.

Find out more

Contact us today  with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.