Professional Development tailored to your requirements

At Berlitz, you will always find the right training format for your needs. You can choose from a variety of formats: Face-to-face instruction at the location of your choice, Online Live Seminars, virtual trainings, e-learning – or an optimized professional development package with our blended learning options. All seminar topics are generally bookable as flexible face-to-face seminars and can be combined with other offerings. We also offer an increasing array of topics as Online Live Seminars over a web-based platform. Talk to us about how we can meet your requirements in our Virtual Classroom!

In-house seminars

Exclusive single- or multi-day professional development courses

You choose the topic, the main areas of focus, the location and timing of the seminar. Our in-house seminars can last a day or longer, depending on the depth of content that you need. All our in-house seminars can be conducted in English upon request. Our team would be delighted to advise you and help you put together a customized training package. We can integrate case studies and specialist terminology from your organisation to further enhance the effectiveness of the training.


Gain valuable insights in just four hours

The majority of our seminar topics can also be booked as four-hour mini-seminars. Our Shorties are an ideal way to provide fresh insights, boost motivation, or as an introduction to a complex topic. The content is practical and business relevant, and can be implemented in the workplace right away.

Berlitz Online Live Seminars

Real-time instruction in a virtual learning environment

Ideal for teams spread across different locations – nationally or internationally. Our Berlitz Online Live Seminars are short, concise, and interactive – and impart all of the essentials. This economical alternative to our Shorties is independent of location, as the seminars are held in our Virtual Classrooms as open-enrollment courses or flexibly as in-house trainings.

Organizational Development

When your company is facing complex changes

We are convinced that successful organizational change can only take place when managers and employees are ready and prepared for it. Here you can benefit from our approach to organizational development and supporting the concept of “The Learning Organization”. Organizational development is a long term process, requiring careful planning and affecting every aspect of the business. We would be pleased to provide you with a personalized model of how we can support and advise your organization through this process of transformation.


Achieve your personal goals

Working one-on-one with a coach will help you reflect on your approach to problems, develop new points of view, gain clear perspectives, mobilize new resources, and be well prepared for a new role or challenging situations. It will also provide you with a safe space to explore new plans of action. A sounding board, as and when you need it. Contact us and learn more about our coaching events and target groups.


Virtual training at your own pace

When employees need to work on special, defined learning content independently and remotely, e-learning is the ideal training format. Take advantage of the Cultural Navigator®, our intercultural learning platform, or the e-learning provided by our training partner, Pink University, with main topics including agility, communication, leadership, soft skills and sales.

Blended Learning

Achieve even more lasting progress

Book e-learning sessions in combination with face-to-face or virtual instruction, for example to refresh what you’ve learned after your course is finished. For the topics 'Remote Leadership' and 'Agile into the Future', we offer a special blended learning program consisting of three Online Live Seminars and three e-learning sessions.

Find out more

Contact us today  with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.