International, dynamic, professional.

Our employees are united by a common passion for languages and cultures. This fosters a fundamental sense of openmindedness that is reflected in the way we all work together. Berlitz is shaped by people who see themselves in the services we offer and devote themselves to the work they do for us.

Whether it’s a language instructor from Australia, a Language Center Director from France, a receptionist from Colombia or a Local Instructional Supervisor from Ireland – this is where people from different cultural backgrounds come together to share their diverse work and life experience, along with their uniquely shaped views of the world. They all aim to inspire in others a new-found passion for languages and cultures.

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Career Opportunities

Berlitz offers opportunities for a number of exciting careers based on personal qualifications, your personality and organizational structures. For example, you can continue your own professional development along a predefined career path by progressing from Sales Trainee to Center Director or from an Instructor to a Local Instructional Supervisor. Alternatively, you can adopt a more flexible approach to embarking on your new career. We are committed to promoting the potential of all of our staff members to ensure you enjoy working at Berlitz in the long term. That’s why we are always there for our employees and welcome their ideas for their own professional development.

In addition to the many options we offer for climbing our corporate ladder, there are also other ways in which employees can assume more responsibility – for example, by becoming involved in special nationwide project groups that tackle a variety of topics.