Where young digital natives learn coding and programming computers

Is programming just for nerds? Of course not! More and more kids and teens are getting interested in coding, the career prospects are good, and modern online platforms make learning fun.

The advantages – how kids benefit from a Berlitz coding class

The Berlitz Digital School presents the whole world of programming – multifaceted and exciting. We offer more than just a basic coding course. Kids and teens ages 7 to 18 years receive training that will benefit them in their later lives.

In our classes, these young digital heroes carry out their own projects and try their hands at solving real-world problems – so-called learning by doing. Programming teaches the students solution-oriented and logical thinking, time management, teamwork, and many more soft skills that will prove advantageous in different areas of life.

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What your child will learn at the Berlitz Digital School

Programming classes FAQs

The coding course consists of four main subject areas that build on one another. Kids and teens learn the basics of programming and computer science and receive an introduction to the development of 2D and 3D games, apps, and websites. They are taught to use HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Python and practice with English source codes. With this knowledge, the young people can later learn other programming languages quickly. The program also covers the topic of internet security.

We use a variety of platforms and learning programs in the courses, such as Code.org, Scratch, and WordPress.

As they program, the students also learn logical and solution-oriented thinking. They carry out their own projects and have to solve a lot of problems working together as a team. This helps the kids and teens develop creativity, team spirit, a structured approach, and many additional soft skills that will benefit them at school and university as well as in their later careers.

The Berlitz Digital School courses are taught by dedicated and motivated instructors who come from the IT sector, have appropriate training, and can draw on their experience in software development projects.

In addition, we make sure that our instructors know how to communicate with kids and teens and offer them positive support. They are familiar with the latest market trends and know what games are hot and who the most popular YouTube creators and Tik-Tok influencers are.

In addition, all of our instructors are specially trained to teach kids and teens and share an affinity for working with young people.

The cost of a course depends on the type of class, the length of the contract, and the cancellation period you choose. For more details, please go to the course you are interested in and click on “Book Online” or contact us.

The group programming classes take place one afternoon per week (three 45-minute lessons) and are not held during school vacations. One-on-one instruction is booked individually and the dates can be set flexibly.

The kids can study coding with us for a maximum of five years if they want to complete the entire program. It is also possible to leave the program earlier at any time. We will issue a certificate based on the number of modules completed.

Prefer a shorter learning experience? Then our Digital Skills Workshops are the right choice: In four days, we impart concise knowledge on a range of topics such as artificial intelligence and web design.

Fully equipped computer workstations are provided for our programming classes, which take place at our Berlitz Centers. For our online courses, all that’s required is:

  • Desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser
  • Integrated or external speakers or a headset
  • Optional integrated or external webcam
  • A quiet room where the participant can concentrate

Learn programming at the Berlitz Digital School

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