Is programming just for nerds? Of course not! More and more kids and teens are getting interested in coding, the career prospects are good, and modern online platforms make learning fun.

The Berlitz Digital School presents the whole world of programming – multifaceted and exciting. We offer more than just a basic coding course. Kids and teens ages 7 to 17 years receive training that will benefit them in their later lives.

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The modules of the programming course at a glance 🚀

Module nameThe logic of programmingApp development and programming languagesAdvanced website developmentJava and Android development
Starter module from 7 to 11-years-oldsStarter module from 12 years + advanced moduleAdvanced moduleAdvanced module
Graduation🏆Junior Programmer Junior App Developer Frontend and Backend Developer Junior Java and React Native Developer
LernzielWe learn the basic principles and logic of programming and create our first own projects (2D games) with We learn the basics of professional programming, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and WordPress, and get into app development.We learn how professional websites are structured, get into backend development and deepen our knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and WordPress.We delve deeper into Java and JavaScript and learn how to develop professional apps with React.
Dauerca. 10 monthsca. 12 monthsca. 12 monthsca. 12 months
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The Berlitz Digital School programming course

The start of the programming course for 7 to 11-years-olds:


The start of the programming course from 12 years:


The starter modules can be booked online. Please contact us for the more advanced modules at 069 24 74 34 876 

In this module, we teach the basic principles and logic of programming. We work with the platform and create our first games and projects using drag-and-drop blocks. We get to know the various functions, loops, conditions, variables and parameters and get to grips with more complex projects. "Computational thinking helps us to develop solutions to programming problems. We also deal with internet security, digital footprints and get to grips with the use of AI tools.

Final certificate: Junior Programmer

In this module, we start with HTML and CSS and create visually appealing, functional websites. We then learn JavaScript to design animations and interactive games. Using Python, we will look at syntax, terminology and basic concepts and develop algorithms for encrypting and decrypting messages. At the end, we take a first look at WordPress to get to know the functionality and versatility of this platform.

Final certificate: Junior App Developer

In this advanced module, we delve deeper into HTML and CSS and learn how to create high-quality websites with HTML tags and CSS frameworks and make them more interactive with JavaScript. We delve into the PHP programming language and the MySQL database management system and learn, among other things, how databases are set up, managed and connected. We gain practical experience in WordPress development with PHP for themes and plugins as well as in the creation of search templates, pagination, archives and other elements.

Final certificate: Frontend and Backend Developer

In the last module of the programming course, we dive deep into the world of Java, JavaScript and React and use Eclipse as an interactive development environment - we acquire basic skills that are in high demand in software development. We also deepen our React knowledge in app development and create our own mobile applications for Android or iOS at the end of the module.

The group programming classes take place one afternoon per week (2:15h incl. break) and are not held during school vacations. One-on-one instruction is booked individually and the dates can be set flexibly.

The kids can study coding with us for a maximum of ca. four years if they want to complete the entire program. It is also possible to leave the program earlier at any time. We will issue a certificate of the completed modules.

Prefer a shorter learning experience? Then our Digital Skills Workshops are the right choice: In four days, we impart concise knowledge on a range of topics such as artificial intelligence and web design.

The Berlitz Digital School courses are taught by dedicated and motivated instructors who come from the IT sector, have appropriate training, and can draw on their experience in software development projects.

In addition, we make sure that our instructors know how to communicate with kids and teens and offer them positive support. They are familiar with the latest market trends and know what games are hot and who the most popular YouTube creators and Tik-Tok influencers are.

In addition, all of our instructors are specially trained to teach kids and teens and share an affinity for working with young people.

Fully equipped computer workstations are provided for our programming classes, which take place at our Berlitz Centers.

For our live online courses, all that’s required is:

  • Desktop or laptop computer with internet connection and Chrome or Edge web browser
  • Speakers or a headset, webcam optional
  • A quiet room where the participant can concentrate

Learn programming at the Berlitz Digital School

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