You need to take an English test or prepare for it?

More and more people are living and working in a wide variety of countries. In order to find the right candidate for an advertised position, internationally recognized language certificates are often required for foreign applicants. In addition to employers, many universities also stipulate successful participation in a placement test as an admission requirement.

Berlitz has been helping people from all over the world prepare for these language certificates for many decades. Our experienced language trainers know what is important for the various English tests and have helpful tips that will significantly increase your chances of successfully passing the exam. By participating in one of our Berlitz preparation courses, you will not only save your nerves but also time and money.

You can take part in the preparation courses at various locations of our Berlitz language schools. Many of the language schools are also official test centers where you can directly take the language exam.

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Exam preparation courses are either one-on-one, where the intensity of instruction can be personalized, or group preparation courses. Both versions are available on-site or as online classes. Crash course, weekend course, regular classes - all available to help you reach your goal.

TOEIC - Often referred to as the Test of Communication in the Workplace, the TOEIC measures the English proficiency of individuals who wish to work in an international environment.

TOEFL - The TOEFL is the the world's leading and most widely recognized assessment of academic English. It tests reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills and prepares you for university, immigration, and administrative procedures. TOEFL iBT takes less than 2 hours to complete.

Cambridge Certificate - Educational institutions, companies, as well as governments recognize the Cambridge University English Language Certificate. This certification tests knowledge of British English and can be taken in various categories.

IELTS - The International English Language Testing System IELTS is used as an English language certificate mainly in the academic field or for migration.

telc - telc is a language exam recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other organizations, and is accepted as a language qualification by both German and foreign universities and colleges.

Are you ready for your English exam?

To help prepare you for your English exam, Berlitz offers you a flexible self-study program, live online language courses and a combination of e-learning and individual or group lessons. Many official language tests can also be taken directly on site at your local Berlitz Center.

English levels and exams

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a comprehensive recommendation for language learners and language teachers and is recommended as a standard for assessing language proficiency. Language proficiency is divided into three levels: elementary (A), independent (B), and proficient (C). Various language skills are tested, such as reading and listening comprehension, writing, and speaking. The CEFR provides an internationally recognized basis for interlingual comparability.

English Level A1

At this level, you can

  • understand and use familiar and everyday expressions and simple phrases.
  • introduce yourself and others, and answer questions about yourself and others, e.g. where you live, how old you are, etc.
  • communicate in a simple way and hold a conversation when your conversation partner speaks slowly and clearly.

English Level A2

At this level, you can

  • understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to you and your everyday life.
  • communicate in simple, familiar situations where you can exchange information easily and directly on familiar topics.
  • describe your own background and education, your immediate environment, and things related to immediate needs.

English Level B1

At this level, you can

  • understand the content of conversations when clear standard language is used and when they are about familiar things from your everyday life.
  • handle most situations when you are traveling.
  • converse easily about familiar topics and areas of personal interest.
  • talk about experiences and events, describe goals, and give brief explanations of plans and personal views.

English Level B2

At this level, you can

  • understand the main content of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics in your own field of specialization, as well as in technical discussions.
  • communicate spontaneously and fluently enough to carry on a smooth conversation with native speakers.
  • express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics, justify your position on an issue, and list the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

English Level C1

At this level, you can

  • understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognize implicit meanings.
  • express yourself spontaneously and fluently, without having to think about the right choice of words.
  • use the newly learned language effectively and flexibly in private and professional situations.
  • express yourself clearly, in a structured and detailed way on complex issues.

English Level C2

At this level, you can

  • understand virtually everything you read or hear without effort.
  • Summarize information from a variety of written and oral sources, giving reasons in a coherent presentation.
  • Express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, clarifying finer meanings even in more complex situations.

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