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If you want to study at a specific school, university or college in Germany or apply for a job, an official German language certificate is usually required as proof of your knowledge. Our Berlitz language trainers will be happy to help you prepare for your German test in the best possible way.

To avoid wasting precious time, we can help you optimize your language skills in a short period and increase your chances of successfully passing the exam.

Many German exams can be taken directly at our Berlitz language schools. Please read on for more information.

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Preparation courses take place in both individual and group classes, which you can attend online and on-site. In addition to weekly preparation courses, we also offer weekend and intensive courses, as well as many other class formats.

telc - In Germany, proof of passing the telc exam in German is often required by migrants and applicants when applying for German citizenship, but is also a recognized proof of language proficiency when applying for jobs or continuing education.

Are you ready for your German exam?

To help prepare you for your telc exam, Berlitz offers you a flexible self-study program, live online language courses and a combination of e-learning and individual or group lessons. Many official language tests can also be taken directly on site at your local Berlitz Center.

German levels and exams

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a guide used to describe the performance of foreign language learners. The guide is used throughout Europe and in some other non-European countries. The CEFR levels divide language learners into three main categories, which can be further divided into six levels. These categories and levels describe what the language learner should be able to do in terms of reading, speaking, writing and listening, making their language skills internationally comparable.

German Level A1

At this level you can:

  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions and phrases
  • introduce yourself and answer personal questions
  • interact in a simple way when the other person speaks slowly and is willing to help

German Level A2

At this level you can:

  • understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to family, shopping, geography, and work
  • communicate easily when it is a direct and simple exchange of information or about familiar things

    German Level B1

    At this level you can:

    • understand the main points on topics you are regularly confronted with at work, school, and elsewhere
    • deal with most situations when traveling to areas where this language is spoken
    • write simple connected texts on familiar topics or personal interests
    • describe experiences, events and dreams, and justify and explain opinions and plans

      German Level B2

      At this level you can:

      • compose and understand a text on a concrete and abstract topic
      • converse with other native speakers on a variety of topics fluently and without difficulty

        German Level C1

        At this level you can:

        • understand longer and demanding texts of great importance and also recognize implicit meanings
        • express opinions and ideas on a given topic without searching for expressions
        • use the language in social, academic, and professional contexts
        • write clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex topics

          German Level C2

          At this level you can:

          • understand basically everything you read or hear
          • summarize and understand information from various oral and written sources
          • express yourself spontaneously, fluently and accurately

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