Berlitz Holiday Camp Darmstadt

Jugendherberge Darmstadt

Darmstadt holiday camp: fun and action in English

Creative kids, bundles of energy, or budding scientists – or everything all in one: our language camp in Darmstadt has something for everyone. At this science hub, we'll discover cool architecture, chill at the bathing lake, and really let off some steam during team games. And we'll be speaking English the entire time. Fun times ahead!

Learning by speaking: learning languages according to the Berlitz method

At the Darmstadt holiday camp, we also incorporate learning into our daily routine. Our experienced language teachers are also the counselors who will lead the leisure program. They'll speak with the kids and teens in the foreign language all day long. The advantage: kids will hear lots of everyday vocabulary and authentic pronunciation throughout the camp week.

Our mission at the Darmstadt language camp: to have a great vacation! And to show the kids how much fun learning foreign languages is. That means our Berlitz camps are all based on the following premise:

  • Foreign language classes five mornings a week (4 x 45 minutes daily)
  • Kids are encouraged to speak actively in small groups

Learning at camp is fun: there are no exams or boring studying; instead, we do roleplaying and language games. On the day of arrival, kids do a short placement test that helps us assign them to groups according to their age and language level. They'll learn together and quickly make new friends in their group. That is usually the best motivation.

Learning can be fun: fun and action at the Darmstadt holiday camp

At Darmstadt language camp, our motto is "learning by doing". After the morning language classes, we continue speaking in the foreign language. Together, we get to do a whole bunch of great activities: scavenger hunts, excursions, and exciting team challenges. Our program is versatile and fun. We only use German for safety instructions or in emergency situations.

Afternoons are filled with lots of action, no matter the weather

Whether it's sunny, windy or rainy: there's always something going on at the Darmstadt holiday camp in the afternoons: those who like sports can let off steam by playing volleyball or soccer. Big and small artists alike can make clothes or friendship bracelets. Here's an example of activities, depending on the location and season:

  • Playing sports, for example gymnastics, ball games, and climbing
  • Tasting typical local food together,
  • Designing new board games and trying them out with friends, or
  • Strolling around and shopping in Darmstadt.

Evenings together round the campfire or indoors

After a day packed full of fun and action, we make ourselves comfortable. Firstly, we eat dinner together, then we warm up round the campfire, have a quiz night, or a camp party – depending on the mood and the weather. Evening activities may include:

  • Toasting marshmallows and baking campfire bread over the campfire,
  • Hosting music competitions and game nights,
  • Spending free time with friends new and old and reading exciting stories in the foreign language.

Note: Actual activities offered may vary depending on weather and availability.


Creativity Workshop


Did we convince you? Then let's go.

Welcome to Darmstadt: this is where we’ll be staying

Jugendherberge Darmstadt, Landgraf-Georg-Str. 119, 64287 Darmstadt

The perfect city accommodation

A city atmosphere and laid-back beach vacation: our accommodation in Darmstadt offers all this and more. The youth hostel is close to the city center and right by the "Großer Woog" bathing lake. This natural outdoor pool is the perfect place for water lovers to really let off steam. And if they're still not tired, they can go all out on the on-site playground.

Feeling hungry? In the dining room and on the terrace, the kids get to enjoy the best view of the lake and the Hochzeitsturm (Wedding Tower), also known as the "Five-Finger Tower", the city's landmark.

On a journey of discovery in Darmstadt

Our location at Youth Hostel Darmstadt is right in the heart of the city. We're only a short walk from downtown: the perfect starting point for a discovery tour through the city or a relaxed shopping spree with some ice cream. Darmstadt is a combination of art and science – a cosmopolitan city where there's always something new to discover. For example, the Mathildenhöhe, a former artists' colony, and the Hochzeitsturm (Wedding Tower), which also happens to be the city's landmark.

Available Camp Dates

Currently, all camps are fully booked. New camp dates will follow.

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Additional information

Boredom doesn't stand a chance at our Darmstadt holiday camp. Our qualified counselors are always at the kids' side – from English lessons in the mornings to organizing the varied leisure and evening program.

All employees are trained in the Berlitz method: this means that they place special focus on practical use of the foreign language. As English is the official camp language, our experienced counselors will speak to the kids in the foreign language the entire time. The only exceptions are for emergencies or special, safety-related information or programs. And they'll also provide exciting insight into the cultures of different English-speaking countries.

Learning builds up an appetite. For us, that means it's particularly important that all participants at the Darmstadt language camp are well fed. Kids will receive three meals a day. Depending on what we have planned for the day, lunch will either be a hot meal or packed lunch. Important: remember to pack a reusable water bottle so that your child can fill it up between meals.

Good food is important to us. If your child has any allergies or intolerances, please speak to our team before booking.

Welcome: Parents will get the exact time to bring their kids to the camp on the day of arrival with the travel information send before the camp starts. After getting to know one another, there will be a parents’ meet-and-greet in addition to a Q&A session. Kids will receive a welcome package that includes a T-shirt, gym bag, and much more. We’ll also carry out a short placement. Using this, we’ll assign kids to their learning groups.

Time to say goodbye: On the last day, parents will be able to pick up their kids. Parents can find the exact pick-up time in the travel information they'll receive well in advance. Additional documents, including the camp-made camp magazine and certificate of participation, will be sent to kids and teens after the end of the camp.

Then take a look at our kids camp FAQ page where we have gathered further information.

We will also send you further details regarding the pack list, arrival and departure etc. by e-mail after your booking.

Das Berlitz Sprachcamps Welcome Paket mit Jutebeutel, Brotdose, Heftchen, Buntstiften, T-Shirt und Federmäppchen.

What your children can expect at the Darmstadt language camp

  • Accommodation in shared rooms
  • Full board (three meals a day)
  • Language training in small groups 5 mornings a week (each lasting 4 x 45 minutes)
  • Welcome gift and placement at the start of the camp
  • Children are looked after in groups with an excellent counselor-child ratio
  • German-speaking camp director as a contact for children and parents

You have questions about our camp?

Then contact us now! Call us at 069 666 089 427 or send us a message. Your Berlitz Team will get back to you shortly.