A holiday trip to England or Scotland with a touch of culture and lots of fun with a group of other teenagers? If this sounds like a holiday activity your kid might like, then take a closer look at our Berlitz holiday camps in the United Kingdom.

During our language camps, we offer English language workshops with our experienced counselors. They will offer great insights into language and the local culture and provide fun English language training. The camps furthermore include a range of activities like different sports activities, excursions, or sightseeing trips.

Onto the island: Awesome holiday trips to England and above

The variety of the United Kingdom

England does not equal the UK – everybody who has ever visited this country knows this. The United Kingdom unites: England with its beautiful green landscapes and buzzing cities like London or Oxford; The picturesque Wales with its capital Cardiff and breathtaking coastlines; Scotland, the green idle with its pulsing capital Edinburgh; And of course, Northern Ireland on the neighboring island.

To put it in a nutshell: The United Kingdom is the perfect place to spend a vacation and improve English language skills.

Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands

Scotland in the Northern part of the island is proud of its independence. Capital Edinburgh as well as Glasgow are popular tourist destinations. Edinburgh offers great sights like its historic Old Town, the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle or Hollyrood Palace.

The surroundings offer stunning landscapes: The world-renowned Highlands invite to hiking trips to the Lochs (lakes) and Glens (valleys).

English isn’t the same everywhere

Especially exciting for the participants of our English Holiday Camps in England, Scotland or other regions are the many dialects that are spoken in the different parts of the Kingdom. In Wales and Scotland, the historic languages Wales and Gaelic are still widely spoken nowadays.

Learn English during a Holiday Camp: The Berlitz concept

Adventure English Camp

For our participants, a trip to the United Kingdom is often the perfect opportunity to travel all by themselves for the first time. In our relaxed atmosphere they can make new friendships and learn more about country and culture.

Focus: Conversation

The focus of our language camps lies in improving the spoken language: Participants train their skills in daily English training with our motivated trainers.

During all our trips, English is the official camp-language: We want the kids to actively use the language as much as they can during this time. This often comes short during language classes at school.

Advantages of our language camps in the UK

  • Accommodation in the boarding house
  • Cool afternoon program with sightseeing, shopping, trips, or sport activities
  • Intensive English training in small groups, focusing on active communication
  • Insights into the British or Scottish culture
  • Exciting extras like a trip to Glasgow or the beach, depending on the camp

Frequently asked questions

The price depends on the duration and the location of the camp as well as the activities. You can find all details and prices in our online shop. The price includes accommodation as well as all meals.

Additionally, transportation from the airport to the accommodation as well as training and supervision by our Berlitz Team is included.

In general, our language camps are available for 12- to 17-year-olds. No special prior knowledge or English language level is required, as the participants will be divided into small learning groups after a language placement test on the first day.

No, both the flight and arrival to the UK must be organized by yourself. In our online shop you can find the time slot during which the flight of your kid should arrive or depart.

Our team will await the children at a specific meeting point at the airport and take care of the transport to the accommodation.

Find out more

Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.