Learning English is fun

„Learning by speaking“ – this is the principle we follow at our Berlitz English camps, combining language lessons with exciting leisure activities.

In the mornings, children and teenagers receive English lessons. These lessons are designed to be playful and focus on active speaking, so they have little in common with normal school lessons. After the language sessions, the students are encouraged to actively use their English skills. Of course, we still have fun – after all, it is vacation time, and it is important for the children to have a good time.

There is something for everyone within the varied leisure program at our English camps: sports enthusiasts can work off their energy with sporting activities, water rats are in their element with activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and swimming, and horse lovers have the opportunity to learn to ride at the English camp.

A Berlitz camp is all about learning languages through play, exciting activities, making new friends and, last but not least: Taking a vacation.

Eine Frau und zwei Kinder sitzen gemeinsam vor einem Laptop.

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Berlitz English camps at a glance

  • The perfect combination: Motivating language lessons and exciting leisure activities
  • Great leisure activities: Numerous activities to choose from
  • Small groups: Learn English with individual attention in groups with similar age and language levels
  • Learning by speaking: The Berlitz language trainers speak English all day long
  • A wide choice: English camps during all school vacations at over 60 locations
  • For exams: Just like in our English language courses, a special preparation for English exams (10th grade and Abitur) is possible in some of the camps

Double the benefit: If you register siblings together, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for the second and each additional child.

English Camp Concept

Our English camps follow the concept of the successful Berlitz method: the children are completely immersed in the English language during their stay, as it is spoken throughout by our Berlitz team.

At the beginning of the camp, the children and teenagers are tested for their language skills and learning objectives without any pressure to perform. They are then divided into small, homogeneous learning groups. This ensures that each student is able to follow the English lessons and get the most out of them.

The children are taught daily in 4 sessions of 45 minutes each by our trained camp team who uses motivating and lively teaching methods. Afterwards, camp participants speak English exclusively during recreational activities in order to practice the language in real-life situations.

English camps can be booked for one or two weeks. Don’t worry, the program changes every week, so it certainly won’t be boring.

English camps = language lessons + fun

In addition to daily language instruction, Berlitz language camps offer a wide range of exciting activities conducted entirely in English by our camp team.

Exam Preparation at English Camp

Perfect for when Abi or final exams are coming up: at some of our language camps, we offer a special English exam preparation program for middle school graduation and high school graduation. Our local Berlitz team knows what is important for the upcoming school exams.

English Camps Abroad

Where better to learn English than in Great Britain? If you attend an English camp in Scotland, England, or even Ireland, you will be spending your time there alongside both other camp participants from Germany and the Berlitz counselors. During the vacations, everyone stays together in a youth hostel or boarding school.

Frequently asked questions

The same concept is followed at all locations. It is a good idea to look for camp locations in your own area to make travel easier. However, there are different recreational activities available at each location. Therefore, it may be that a language camp further away will be more suitable. We also offer organized arrivals and departures to many English camps. This way you don’t have to worry about how to get your child to your chosen location.

All Berlitz counselors only speak in English during the language camps. This is important so that participants are immersed in the foreign language from the beginning to the end of the English camp, both in class and during the recreational programs. Some important exceptions: prove the rule: for instruction during special sports programs, in emergencies and for safety instructions, we will switch to German if necessary.

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