English lessons for children from 4 years upwards

The best age to learn English is early childhood. Children have fewer inhibitions and are often able to learn the language without an accent. Our English courses give children a global perspective, open up future career opportunities, and encourage the development of self-confidence.

Discover our English courses and read our tips on how children can learn English. Let's go!

English courses for children on-site

Children and young people learn English best in an environment in which they feel comfortable. We ensure this in around 50 Berlitz language schools throughout Germany. Our qualified Berlitz trainers are well prepared for working with children and especially for teaching English to children.

Learn English in individual instruction

One-to-one lessons offer particularly intensive English language training. This is ideal, for example, when preparing for a language exam, a student exchange, or the family's upcoming move abroad. Or, of course, if your child simply needs to improve his or her English.

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Mehrere Schüler lernen gemeinsam

English group courses

Both our weekly and holiday courses take place at local Berlitz language schools: These English courses allow course participants to stay in touch with the foreign language and deepen their knowledge step by step. There is no pressure or memorization, allowing Kids to have fun learning English.

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English Camps

Our Berlitz English camps are the perfect English learning adventure for kids. Combining language learning with leisure activities is the recipe for success. At our locations throughout Germany, 7- to 17-year-olds actively learn English all day long, and are completely immersed in the language.

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Learn English - also possible online

We also offer numerous English courses online: These are ideal for kids who need a flexible schedule and don't have the option of coming to the Berlitz language school. The courses are as interactive as the on-site courses and are designed to be fun.

Your advantages with Berlitz:

  1. Children learn English with the proven Berlitz method and are thus fully immersed in the foreign language
  2. Suitable trainings for all ages and school levels
  3. Flexible and self-determined scheduling possible with many learning formats
  4. Learning during the school year or during vacations

Frequently asked questions

No, because we teach English for children using the Berlitz method. This is an immersive language learning method that aims to completely immerse you in English. So from day one, we teach and speak exclusively in English. In this way, the children learn to navigate and internalize the language by actively using it.

We offer English courses for children for different ages and language levels. In one-on-one training, we can cater to your child individually, regardless of how old the child is. Group courses are also sometimes available for kindergarten children.

Just contact our team – together we will find a suitable course.

Before the course starts and the children learn English, each student takes a placement test or is placed based on their school level. Placement tests can be taken either with a Berlitz consultant or online.

Do you have any questions about our English courses for kids and teens?

You can contact us right away – just send us your message here! Your Berlitz team will get back to you shortly.