Berlitz Holiday Camp in Soltau

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English Camp
Lower Saxony
7 - 17 years
Fun & Action
Heide Park Resort

English camp on and off the rollercoaster at Heide Park Resort

Language learning is sometimes like a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park: an exciting adventure full of ups and downs, curves, and surprising twists and turns. So why not combine the two? Our language camp at Heide Park Resort allows you to just do that. Here in the largest amusement park in northern Germany, adventure and adrenaline come first alongside learning English.

Reaching new heights at the Heide Park Resort language camp

Language learning is entertaining: where is it better for children and young people to experience this than in an amusement park? And with the lively lessons and the many interactive elements, we also contribute to the fun of the English language. This means that communication becomes completely natural after just a short time.

In our varied morning lessons, we only speak English. With this established method, the children learn particularly quickly and successfully. We also offer a wide range of activities in the afternoon: Roller coaster rides, playing volleyball or soccer and much more. Here, too, we speak only in English. In this way, we combine maximum recreational fun with learning success.

  • Lively Lessons 5 days a week, always in the morning for 4 x 45 minutes
  • High proportion of speaking and learning success thanks to small groups

At the beginning of the language adventure, the Berlitz team divides the children into suitable learning groups based on their age and language skills. In this way, all children receive the best possible learning conditions.

Language camp meets ultimate leisure fun

Just as the rollercoasters in Heide Park climb slowly upwards, language learning also begins with a gentle start. The descents, on the other hand, are often fast and sometimes turbulent - similar to the challenges in terms of grammar, vocabulary etc. But we promise: We will master the challenges together and with a lot of patience!

These are activities at our language camp in Heide Park Resort:

At the Heide Park Resort language camp, the adrenaline rush is naturally at the top of the list. The theme park has over 30 attractions for children and young people. And of course we will discover some of them together. By the way: the kids solve language tasks independently at the roller coaster stations. That's how playful learning works. And when it comes to riding the rollercoaster, it's just a case of leaning back and enjoying.

Still not enough exercise? Then simply continue on the volleyball or soccer pitch. Both are right on site and allow you to play and romp around together as a team. Afterwards, you need to recharge your batteries - with a hearty dinner. A varied evening program with lots of creativity rounds off a day full of adventure. And one more thing: all kids receive a Heide Park certificate at the end of the week if they pass the rally.

Note: Actual activities offered may vary depending on weather and availability.

Fun at Heide Park Resort


Creativity workshops

Did we convince you? Then let's go.

Welcome to Heide Park Resort: this is where we'll be staying

Heide Park Resort, Heide Park 1, 29614 Soltau

Right next to the park and guaranteed cozy: The huts

A fairytale overnight stay in cabins and being very close to the Heide Park - that's what makes our language adventure so perfect. We enjoy the vacation oasis and direct access to the park in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Good to know: Bed linen is provided by the hotel. Hygiene in compliance with all environmental protection measures is our top priority.

Heide Park Resort: Experience it for yourself

Located in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath in the far north of Germany, the Heide Park Resort language camp is the ideal place for a vacation feeling with adventure and new language skills.

Available Camp Dates

English Camp

7 - 17 years

Fun & Action

Camp Type

Overnight Camp


28/07/2024 - 03/08/2024

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Camp Type

Overnight Camp


04/08/2024 - 10/08/2024

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Additional information

All the fun and action at our Berlitz language camp also includes good food. The first day starts with dinner. On all other camp days, kids can look forward to three meals. For lunch, kids get a packed lunch to go.

We’ll try our hardest to cater to kids with allergies, intolerances, or special diets. If applicable, please contact us before booking.

Our team only speaks the foreign language. Our camp director, who speaks fluent German, is on hand in case of emergency. The Berlitz team also brings a bit of their own culture to the camp. This ignites a sense of curiosity and interest in the language, other cultures and countries.

What sets our teams apart:

  • Experience in child and youth care
  • Native-level knowledge of the foreign language
  • Proof of a clean criminal record

Parents will, of course, receive a direct phone number to reach our camp director.

Arrival day overview: We’ll be welcoming all parents and kids on the first day of camp. The exact time for arrival can be found in the travel information sent to all participants before the camp starts. The meet-and-greet allows our Berlitz team and the participants to get to know one another. Parents can ask the team any questions they may have. In our welcome package, kids and teens will receive a practical gym bag, lunch box, and notebook. After a short placement, the camp really gets going.

Departure information: After a joint farewell for both counselors and participants, parents will be able to pick up their kids. Parents can find the exact pick-up time in the travel documents sent out before camp starts. Please arrive on time, as our counselors will also be leaving that day. The certificate of participation and Camp Magazine & Co. will be sent to the kids afterwards.

Then take a look at our kids camp FAQ page where we have gathered further information.

We will also send you further details regarding the pack list, arrival and departure etc. by e-mail after your booking.

Das Berlitz Sprachcamps Welcome Paket mit Jutebeutel, Brotdose, Heftchen, Buntstiften, T-Shirt und Federmäppchen.

Overview of Soltau camp's services

  • Language classes 5 days a week, each lasting 4 x 45 minutes per day
  • Full leisure program
  • Accommodation in shared rooms with all meals provided
  • All materials for the workshops and evening program
  • An excellent counselor-child ratio
  • Welcome package, camp magazine, level placement and certificate of participation

You have questions about our camp?

Then contact us now! Call us at 069 666 089 427 or send us a message. Your Berlitz Team will get back to you shortly.