Why advanced learners should learn English with Berlitz

Mastering the English language brings many benefits: It opens doors to other cultures, allows you to communicate with people from a wide variety of countries, become more comfortable when traveling, broaden your horizons, and develop in a professional environment.

In many professional situations, it is now essential to speak English. Reports from numerous recruitment agencies, among others, list a good command of English as a mandatory requirement for more than 80% of middle management positions.

If you already have some knowledge of the English language, it's time to take the next step and perfect your English skills. Berlitz offers advanced English courses that will prepare you to handle any situation in your daily and professional life. By the end of our advanced courses, you will master a level of language that will enable you to work as an international executive.

What will you learn in our advanced English course?

When you have completed the advanced levels, you will have the necessary knowledge to communicate effectively in any field. You will be able to communicate confidently in complex situations, both in a social and professional setting. At the end of each level, you will be able to:

Berlitz Level 5 | CEFR Level B 1.1

  • Introduce and describe a company
  • Participate in business events and maintain contacts
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different products
  • Describe customers or markets
  • Describe professional services and skills
  • Prepare for and participate in a job interview

Berlitz Level 6 | CEFR Level B 1.2

  • Describe business processes
  • Make business forecasts based on reports
  • Discuss vacation and employee benefits
  • Accept and resolve customer complaints
  • Communicate effectively via email
  • Congratulate or provide feedback to an employee

Berlitz Level 7 | CEFR Level B 1.3

  • Define budgets and negotiate them with clients
  • Define the importance of your company's brand
  • Analyze sales and negotiation techniques
  • Write news or press releases
  • Describe the conditions of a job promotion
  • Present a project
  • Participate in an interview

Berlitz Level 8 | CEFR Level B 2.1

  • Describe the vision and mission of a company
  • Conduct a business meeting
  • Explain growth strategies and business plans
  • Discuss innovation strategies
  • Make professional contacts
  • Use the English language correctly in negotiations
  • Analyze global trends in your industry

Further English language levels

Professional English

You will be able to reshape and combine the material you learn to meet your immediate communication and learning needs and have sustained conversations with others on a variety of general topics.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which language course is the fastest way to learn to speak English as perfectly as possible?

Generally speaking, the fastest and most effective way to learn a foreign language is in private lessons. Total Immersion language training is the most intensive form of one-on-one instruction. The intensive training takes place with 12 units per day and enables you to improve your English skills considerably in a very short time.

What level corresponds to my language skills?

Three language tests are available to help you assess your language skills:

  • eBerlitz Audit: an adaptive multiple-choice test with 60 questions.
  • Online Placement Test: an adaptive multiple-choice test of your listening and reading comprehension skills
  • Oral Placement Test: an oral placement test (administered at the Berlitz Center, directly at your company or by telephone)

Can I take the courses even if I travel a lot?

Yes, because we use the latest technology and innovative tools to ensure that everyone can participate in the course that best fits your lifestyle. Especially our online courses can be perfectly integrated into any daily routine, since you can participate in these language courses wherever you are.

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