Flexible language instruction. Continuous progress.

The world of international business is changing rapidly. Language skills play a pivotal role in equipping yourself with the right know-how for the new tasks you’ll be involved in. Berlitz offers just what you need to prepare yourself in the form of online, individual instruction in English, German, French or Spanish. Our focus remains firmly on ensuring you achieve your language goals.

Intensive one-on-one courses are conducted live and online with a personal Berlitz instructor – offering the same quality as on-site courses at a Berlitz Center. This format allows you to learn flexibly from home and benefit from individual support. You also enjoy full access to vocational content with a direct impact on improving your chances in the job market. If you’re a job-seeker, in most cases you’re entitled to receive a so-called activation and placement voucher, or AVGS. Choose Berlitz – an officially certified educational institution – and get 100% of your course fees reimbursed through a subsidy!

Interested in virtual 1-on-1 instruction with an AVGS voucher?

Our course overview provides useful information to set the ball rolling for you. Simply select a nearby Berlitz Center and choose the language you’re interested in. You’ll then see a choice of possible courses, showing which ones are starting soon. Found the right course? Feel free to get in touch.

Take the next step: advice and bookings

Been through the course overview and identified the right training for you? Fill out our contact form and allow us to go through the details. Still need to ask us a question or not yet found the right course? Naturally, we’re here to help.

Course details

Our courses are designed to equip you with the right skills in English, German, French or Spanish by offering content in line with specific vocations across different industries. Your course schedule will be entirely customized to your specific needs to incorporate the vocabulary required in your specified area of industry. By the end of the course, you will have acquired a qualification in keeping with current needs, fully preparing you for the challenges that await you.

Choose from the following key topics:

  • Business English
  • Technical English
  • Business German
  • Technical German
  • German for the healthcare sector and nursing care
  • Business French
  • Business Spanish

As an accredited educational institution offering subsidized staff training, upon completion of your course we provide you with an official certificate that is recognized by the world of business and potential new employers.

One-on-one instruction will probably be the best option if you need to quickly acquire language skills for a specific profession, especially if you want to start looking for a job in an international area of industry, or you have a potential job lined up. The same applies if you know that group training does not work for you in the right way, or you need a more adaptable approach to learning a language – for example, because you cannot arrange childcare.

To start a course, you should have a solid grounding in your chosen language. Before your course starts, we will arrange a language placement test and a personal assessment interview, including an individual analysis of your needs.

Our course overview provides a clear indication of the course fees if you pay for training yourself. If you receive a state subsidy in the form of an AVGS voucher, 100% of your course fees will be covered. Get in touch today if you would like us to check if you’re entitled to a subsidy.

You won’t need to wait long for your language course. We understand the importance of receiving additional training and in most cases we can be flexible when it comes to arranging one-on-one instruction to fit in with your priorities. Simply contact us to arrange a starting date for your training.

Before you register for a course, we always arrange a consultation session with Berlitz – at no cost and with no obligation on your part. Together, we will check if you’re entitled to a subsidy with the AVGS voucher. We will also help you identify the right training course.

All you need to participate in training is a computer or laptop with internet access and a headset. One-on-one instruction takes place live and online wherever you live. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to subscribe to full-time or part-time training. Courses last no longer than 8 weeks.

Our trainers have a wealth of practical experience in business, spanning a wide range of industries. They have also undergone special training on teaching in a virtual environment. They will provide you with guidance on making full use of the interactive possibilities offered by online instruction and enable you to make the most of the learning experience.

Advice and registration

Contact us today and ask us your questions – with no obligation on your part. An expert at Berlitz will get back to you as soon as possible.