French and Düsseldorf, that simply fits. Both the language and the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia stand for internationality and offer access to a diverse culture. Start with a French course in Düsseldorf and acquire or refresh your language skills.

French courses in Düsseldorf: World language meets lifestyle

Around 321 million people speak French, making it a world language. French is not only the official language in France and the overseas territories but is also widely spoken as a secondary language in many countries and regions. This is one of the reasons why French is the language that is learned most often after English.

If you know French, you increase your chances on the job market. The language has established itself in some important industries - for example, in the fashion, beauty and luxury sectors. And in Düsseldorf, there are a number of companies in these sectors. With a good knowledge of French, you will have better chances with employers or simply have the necessary vocabulary for your next trip to France.

We offer French courses for every level

You have already learned French and would like to continue? Or would you like to learn the language from scratch? Neither is a problem with a French course in Düsseldorf. So that you can really get started, we first complete a free placement test with you and then assign you to the right course.

Frequently asked questions

French is the most frequently learned foreign language after English. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, French is considered the language of culture and offers access to fashion, theatre, architecture, philosophy and more. On the other hand, France is one of the most popular travel destinations. On top of that: French is spoken not only in France, but also in many other parts of the world. And French is also widely spoken in the world of work and business. For example, French is the official language in many European institutions.

As usual, language learning requires a certain amount of commitment - French too. But after just a few lessons, most learners can communicate well and use French for everyday life. By the way: Learning French often makes it easier to learn other language.

At the Berlitz Language Center in Düsseldorf, you will find French courses for every level. Whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge - your course is already waiting for you. With modern content and a professional language trainer, we will accompany you on the way to your individual learning goal. Find out more about the details at Berlitz Center in Düsseldorf.

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