Why you should learn German at an advanced level with Berlitz

If you already know the basics of German but would like to improve your German skills for level B1, B2, or even C1, Berlitz German courses for advanced learners are the right choice for you. We offer a range of flexible course options that match your language level and are ideal for integrating into your everyday life. With Berlitz, you have all the support you need to start learning German again or to develop your existing skills to better understand the language and culture.

There are many different course offerings from which you can choose. If you would like to take the German course in person, you have the option of learning German at one of our language centers. If you prefer the flexibility and convenience of an online course, you can also take self-study courses or live online classes with a language trainer.

What do you learn in our German for advanced learners course?

Our advanced course consists of four proficiency levels. After completing each of these levels, you will be able to do the following:

Berlitz Level 5 | CEFR Level B 1.1

  • Introduce and describe a company
  • Participate in business events and maintain contacts
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different products
  • Describe customers or markets
  • Describe professional services and skills
  • Prepare for and participate in a job interview

Berlitz Level 6 | CEFR Level B 1.2

  • Describe business processes
  • Make business forecasts based on reports
  • Discuss vacation entitlement and employee benefits
  • Accept and resolve customer complaints
  • Communicate effectively via email
  • Congratulate or provide feedback to an employee

Berlitz Level 7 | CEFR Level B 1.3

  • Define budgets and negotiate them with clients
  • Define the importance of your company's brand
  • Analyze sales and negotiation techniques
  • Write news or press releases
  • Describe the conditions of a job promotion
  • Present a project
  • Participate in an interview

Berlitz Level 8 | CEFR Level B 2.1

  • Describe the vision and mission of a company
  • Conduct a business meeting
  • Explain growth strategies and business plans
  • Discuss innovation strategies
  • Make professional contacts
  • Use the German language correctly in negotiations
  • Analyze global trends in your industry

Further German language levels

Professional German

You will be able to reshape and combine the material you learn to meet your immediate communication and learning needs and have sustained conversations with others on a variety of general topics. Professional German covers language levels C1 and C2.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I have to take an exam at the end of the language course?

You are not required to take an exam at the end of the language course. This is only necessary if you want proof that you have successfully passed the language course. However, you will receive a Berlitz certificate of participation after successfully completing the German course, even without taking an exam.

Are all Berlitz language trainers native speakers?

All Berlitz language trainers are native speakers, which means that you will not only learn accent-free pronunciation and colloquial language relevant to everyday life, but also cultural peculiarities.

Can I take a language course both online and on-site?

You can participate either online or on-site at one of our Berlitz language schools, but you can also combine both course forms thanks to our blended learning language courses. This allows you to enjoy both the benefits of independent learning and the personal attention of our language trainers.

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