Why you should learn Italian with Berlitz

Learning a new language is always a challenge. In order to master this together with you, we have developed the best learning methods through our years of experience, so that you can learn Italian quickly and efficiently and we can provide you with the support you need. You can perfectly integrate our Italian language courses into your everyday life due to the many different course formats that allow you maximum flexibility.

Find your perfect Italian language course

Here you will find additional information on how to learn Italian online with Berlitz - read all about answers to common questions and the benefits our online courses offer.

How to learn Italian most effectively

Step 1: Find out about the different Italian courses we offer.

Step 2: Contact us! Together we will find out at what level you currently speak Italian and which program best fits your needs.

Step 3: Sign up for your chosen Italian program and stay on the ball.

Step 4: Practice regularly, especially speaking.

Step 5: You will receive constant feedback so you can continually improve.

The right Italian language course for everyone

Learn beginner Italian: This language course is suitable for all beginners who have little or no knowledge of Italian.

Learn advanced Italian: This language course is suitable for all advanced students who want to improve their Italian language skills.

Learn Italian for Kids: This language course is suitable for all children who would like to learn Italian.

Learn Italian for Companies: If you want to learn Italian together as a company, this is the perfect language course for you.

Why learn Italian?

  1. It is relatively easy to learn Italian. Especially if you already speak another Romance language.
  2. Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.
  3. Italian is the language of music lovers.
  4. Learn to better understand Italian cuisine.
  5. Italian is the language of love.

Find a Berlitz language school near you now and get started with your Italian course.

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