Why you should learn Japanese with Berlitz

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Find your perfect Japanese language course

How to learn Japanese most effectively

Step 1: Find out about the different Japanese courses we offer.

Step 2: Contact us! Together we will determine the level at which you currently speak Japanese and which program best fits your needs.

Step 3: Sign up for your chosen Japanese program and stay on the ball.

Step 4: Practice regularly, especially speaking.

Step 5: You will receive constant feedback so you can continually improve.

The right Japanese language course for everyone

Learn Japanese for beginners: Looking for a Japanese course? You will find the perfect Japanese course for beginners with Berlitz.

Learn advanced Japanese: You want to improve your Japanese knowledge? Berlitz offers different courses for advanced speakers.

Learn Japanese for children: At Berlitz, children find the Japanese course that suits them best.

Learn Japanese for companies: Berlitz offers different course models for companies whose employees would like to learn Japanese.

Why learn Japanese?

  1. Japanese is one of the more difficult languages to learn, but it can be a gateway language to other Asian languages.
  2. Learning Japanese helps to understand the history and cultural differences.
  3. If you are able to communicate in Japanese with potential customers, business partners, employers, or vendors, it will be of great value to the growth of your business.
  4. If you learn Japanese, you will be able to understand pop culture including animations, movies, variety shows, news, and all popular Japanese media.
  5. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, as most tend to learn romance languages.

Find a Berlitz language school near you now and get started with your Japanese course.

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