At Berlitz, everyone can find the ideal online Portuguese course. Thanks to our wide range of learning options, you can easily learn languages online, regardless of how much time you want to invest, what your learning goals are, and what type of learner you are. With us, you will find the Portuguese course that best suits your needs. We offer different learning formats, which you can design yourself and thus perfectly adapt to your everyday life. Our language trainers are all native speakers, which is why you can learn a lot about cultural peculiarities and colloquial language in addition to grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension.

Why you should learn Portuguese online with Berlitz

Flexibility: Our Berlitz Portuguese courses offer you maximum flexibility and let you decide when, where, and how often you want to practice Portuguese online.

Individuality: Every person is different. At Berlitz, we recognized this early on, which is why we design all of our Portuguese courses to meet the personal needs of our students.

Progress: Our students are only as good as our learning methods. That's why we use technological innovations to constantly optimize our Portuguese lessons.

Experience: Berlitz has been around for over 140 years. We have used this time to pass on proven learning processes to our language teachers, so that this can be optimally applied in Portuguese classes.

Universality: Learning a new language also means thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is important to us to also integrate cultural contexts and characteristics into the language course.

Eine Frau mit ihrem Laptop in einem Café winkt den anderen Teilnehmern ihres Online-Sprachkurses zu.

Our online courses are suitable for everyone:

Online courses for adults: If you are an adult looking to learn Portuguese online, we have the perfect language course for you at Berlitz.

Online courses for companies: We offer online Portuguese courses for employees as well as for entire companies.

Online courses for children and teenagers: Children and teens ages 8 to 18 can learn Portuguese online together with Berlitz.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I access the content of the online courses offline?

Yes, much of the content in our online courses is downloadable, so you can access it even when you're not connected to the Internet.

Do I have to take a test before starting the course?

If you have no knowledge of the language, it is not necessary to take a test before beginning the course. However, if you would like to improve your Portuguese language skills, we will conduct a placement test so that we can find the course that matches your language level.

Do I need to invest time in my language course every day?

That depends on your personal learning goals and how quickly you plan to achieve them. We recommend practicing as often as possible, even if it's just a few minutes a day. However, daily practice is not required of you and we have many course offerings of varying intensities to ensure that even busy students have the opportunity to manage their course load.

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