Why beginners should learn Swedish with Berlitz

Swedish is the most widely spoken Scandinavian language with more than 10 million native speakers in both Sweden and Finland. Thanks to free education and healthcare, attractive salaries, beautiful nature, and high quality of life, Sweden is one of the most desirable places to live in the world.

A good knowledge of Swedish is definitely a plus for your resume and makes you more attractive on the job market.

Thanks to our wide range of classes, you have the freedom to find the Swedish course for beginners that suits your ideas and goals. We offer our students maximum flexibility, both in our online courses and in our on-site classes. You can decide for yourself how independently you want to learn Swedish. Therefore, in addition to face-to-face classes, we also offer classes in the Berlitz Online Classroom.

What will you learn in our Swedish course for beginners?

Berlitz Level 1 | CEFR Level A 1

  • Introduce yourself and give your name, address and telephone number
  • Name numbers, letters, and colors with correct pronunciation
  • Give personal information to describe others and ask for it
  • Ask for the time and date and know the days of the week
  • Ask for directions and give instructions
  • Make phone calls to leave a brief message
  • Describe the weather and the seasons

Berlitz Level 2 | CEFR Level A 2.1

  • Describe travel plans and itineraries
  • Describe your work and responsibilities
  • Talk in detail about the weather and seasons
  • Talk about your vacation plans
  • Make a reservation at a hotel or restaurant
  • Describe different meals and explain what your favorite meal is like
  • Describe your home and neighborhood in detail

Berlitz Level 3 | CEFR Level A 2.2

  • Make plans and suggest places to meet
  • Describe vacation plans and leisure activities
  • Order and describe food in a restaurant
  • Talk about movies and buy event tickets
  • Talk about traffic and ask for directions
  • Ask about budgets and project specifications

Berlitz Level 4 | CEFR Level A 2.3

  • Participate in social activities and special events
  • Ask for and do favors and apologize
  • Describe personal abilities and work skills
  • Talk about finances
  • Talk about current news and events
  • Describe future plans

Further Swedish language levels

Swedish at an intermediate level

You will learn to carry on straightforward conversations in social and professional situations and to talk about familiar topics in contextualized settings. You will also be able to hold sustained conversations with others on diverse topics.

Professional Swedish

You will begin to be able to hold complex and sophisticated conversations and communicate effectively with diverse audiences on various familiar and new topics. You will be able to speak Swedish confidently in most situations in a personal, academic, or professional setting.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which level is right for me?

To place you in our language programs, you can choose from three language tests: eBerlitz Audit, Online Placement Test, or Oral Placement Test. By taking the test and talking with you about your goals and objectives, we can find the perfect Swedish course for you.

Which is the most intensive language course?

At Berlitz, we also offer intensive courses in the form of seminars, language trips, and Total Immersion (intensive training with 12 units per day), among others.

I have limited time. Which Swedish course for beginners suits me best?

For those looking for a flexible language course that can be adapted to your needs, we recommend our live online courses. The lessons are structured in such a way that the learning content is conveyed to you in the same quality as in the face-to-face lessons.

What do I need to participate in one of the online courses for Swedish?

All you need to participate in our online courses is a laptop or tablet with Internet access and a headset.

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