Common questions about the rooms of the house and their objects and amenities:

In the living room, you can find a TV, couch or sofa, armchairs, puffs, a coffee table, and lamps.

The main furniture piece in the dining room is the dining table, accompanied by chairs. Some dining rooms may also have a buffet or sideboard for extra storage and serving space.

The kitchen includes amenities such as a fridge, freezer, pantry, microwave, stove, oven, sink, and dishwasher. These appliances and storage options are essential for meal preparation and organization.

In a laundry room, you can find a washing machine, tumble dryer, and an ironing board. These appliances and tools make the process of cleaning, drying, and ironing clothes much easier.

A garage is typically used for parking cars and bikes, as well as storing tools and equipment. Common items stored in a garage include cars, bikes, and various tools.

In a bedroom, you will find a bed, nightstand, dresser, closet, and lamps. These objects create a comfortable and private space for sleeping and resting.

A home office should include a desk, computer, office chair, bookshelf, and drawer. These items provide a dedicated space for work and organization.

In the bathroom, activities such as showering, bathing in a bathtub, using the toilet, and washing hands take place. Amenities such as a sink, toilet paper, and towels are essential for maintaining cleanliness and comfort.