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FAQs for English learners

If you want to learn English fast, a private English course is the best option for you. Our private English courses give you the flexibility to focus on your individual needs and goals, while also paying attention to the topics that will get you speaking English fast. The key to learn English fast is to immerse yourself in the language, which is exactly what you will get in our private courses.

While there is a difference between speaking a language and reading it, when you learn English grammar, it will help you with both. Like any language, English has a lot of intricacies. In order to be truly fluent, understanding English grammar is important. When you learn English grammar, you will be able to apply it to speaking the language and will allow you to more easily understand native speakers.

When you learn English vocabulary, you are giving yourself a foundation to learn to speak a language; however, only learning English vocabulary will make it difficult to actually speak English fluently with confidence. Our English courses combine vocabulary, grammar and speaking in immersive lessons that build confidence speaking. This immersive technique is the most efficient and fastest way to learn English.

It is definitely possible to learn English online! In fact, many people find it easier to learn online because it provides more flexibility to schedule lessons and there is less stress due to travel. Rather than spending time driving and commuting, learners are able to use that time to practice. When you learn English online with Berlitz, it feels like you are in a classroom. That’s because you will have access to live sessions with an instructor with every Berlitz program.

With our Berlitz Flex English program, you can learn English on your own! This program features a structured course outline to keep you focused and engaged, while also achieving milestones to ensure you continue to progress. Unlike many other self-paced language programs, Berlitz Flex also features regular instructor-led lessons that allow you to interact one-on-one with a live instructor in real-time. These speaking sessions are a key element to ensuring you move towards fluency and gain confidence speaking English.

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Benefits of learning English

As the most spoken language in the world, English is an essential language for both business and travel. With an estimated 1.2 billion people speaking English in the world and with 59 different countries including English as an official language, the ability to confidently speak English can open up a wealth of opportunities.

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