English grammar helps build understanding

There are plenty of reasons to learn English grammar and they aren't all specific to reading and writing. English grammar plays a huge part in having a full understanding of the language and makes it easier to speak and listen.

During our English grammar lessons, you will learn a variety of skills with a focus on how grammar impacts spoken English. 

Start with English grammar basics

English grammar is often thought of as only important to reading and writing. The truth is, though, English grammar is the structure that makes the language possible. In order to speak English, you will need to have a foundational understanding of English grammar.

Our grammar lessons start with the basic elements that will allow you to put together simple sentences and phrases. After you learn the English grammar basics, we move onto more advanced grammar lessons that will allow you to put together more complex sentences and ideas.

These grammar lessons are also vital for reading and writing. As you learn how sentences are structured, you will be able to clearly express yourself in writing and understand English in writing. 

Tips for learning English grammar

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