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FAQs for learning Spanish

The best way to learn Spanish fast is to enroll in a Berlitz private online Spanish course. Immersion is the key to learning fast and our private courses ensure you have ample time to speak in real-time with a Berlitz instructor. The immediate feedback and focus on speaking Spanish give you the best opportunity to learn Spanish fast and gain the confidence to actively use the language in real-world scenarios.

Grammar is an important part of any language and Spanish is no different. When you learn Spanish grammar, it will give you a better understanding of how the language works, which will increase your comfort in using the language. With Berlitz, our number one focus is on speaking, but Spanish grammar lessons are also an extremely important part of learning Spanish.

While learning Spanish vocabulary is important, it is only one part of the language. There is so much more to the Spanish language than understanding specific words. You must be able to weave the vocabulary into sentences and ideas. These skills are learned through immersion, which gets you actively speaking and using the language to better understand how to construct sentences using the vocabulary.

It is easier than ever before to learn Spanish online. Our online Spanish classes at Berlitz are designed specifically for modern learners. They feature the same proven methodology but provide flexibility and enhanced opportunities for learning outside of regular lessons. Learning Spanish online also makes it easier to track your progress and to move towards fluency.

It is now easier than ever to learn Spanish on your own. The best way to learn Spanish on your own is to enroll in a self-paced program with access to live instructors. Cell phones and computers provide easy access to information at all times, giving you the opportunity to practice your Spanish skills whenever it is best for you. The inclusion of live lessons with an instructor also gives you the opportunity to practice with someone in real-time.

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A proven way to learn Spanish.

The Spanish classes offered by Berlitz incorporate all of our proven language learning tactics into the curriculum. This includes the Berlitz Method, which focuses on immersive language learning that is based on applicable language skills. Our Spanish classes are designed to help you feel comfortable speaking, writing and listening to Spanish in real-world settings.

The Berlitz Spanish classes are offered in a variety of different settings, ranging from group classes to private, one-on-one lessons.

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Why learn Spanish?

An estimated 460 million people speak Spanish, making it the second most spoken language on the planet behind Chinese. It is the official language of 20 countries, which span three continents (Europe, North America and South America). These stats highlight the global nature of Spanish, making it the perfect language to learn. When you learn Spanish, you will truly have the ability to communicate with millions of people from across the planet.

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