Build confidence and understanding with grammar

Speaking Spanish confidently is about much more than knowing words and phrases. In order to truly be confident using the language, you need to understand the structure. That where learning Spanish grammar comes in!

Grammar is much more than commas and apostrophes. It is literally the structure of the language. When you take an in-person or online Spanish course with Berlitz, you will have Spanish grammar lessons that will teach you this structure. With these immersive lessons, you will gain confidence and understanding, making you more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Start with Spanish grammar basics

One of the first things you will want to tackle once you learn Spanish vocabulary is some basic grammar. Knowing and understanding words is a great start, but in order to really put those words and phrases to use, you will need to be able to structure sentences.

With basic grammar lessons, you will gain the confidence to start building complex sentences and start conveying more information. As you learn Spanish online with Berlitz, you will continue to build your understanding of Spanish grammar. Each level and lesson is a progression that will increase your overall comfort with the language. Our grammar lessons are built into the overall course, meaning you will be learning holistically to gain an entire understanding of using the language.

Tips for learning Spanish grammar

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