Start speaking Spanish in lesson one

For most people that want to learn Spanish, it can take weeks or months before they start speaking. With Berlitz, you will get started speaking Spanish right away, even when you learn Spanish for kids. That is the goal after all, right?

In our classes, you will:

  • Only speak Spanish
  • Start speaking Spanish from day one
  • Interact in real-time with a native Spanish-speaking instructor
  • Get immediate feedback to build confidence

Develop Spanish conversation skills

It is safe to say that if you want to learn Spanish, you probably are looking to speak the language with native speakers. If that is the end goal, why not get started speaking right away? That's how we feel at Berlitz.

Instead of spending a few lessons reading from a text book or writing words and phrases on a board, we get started speaking right away. Our goal is to help you develop Spanish conversation skills. You should focus from day one on building confidence in your speaking skills. That is the only way you will become comfortable enough with the language to actually use it.

Our immersive teaching style keeps you engaged with the language whenever you are in a lesson, including learning Spanish online. Only Spanish is used, so you are constantly using and listening to the language. Not only does this help your retention, but it also means you learn conversational Spanish, rather than the formal language. This is important because conversational Spanish is what you will likely use 90% of the time when you use the language. 

Tips for learning to speak Spanish

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