Spanish for kids with Berlitz

Our Spanish classes for kids are designed to engage young learners with interactive lessons that are directly applicable to real-life situations.

  • Real-time lessons with a live instructor
  • Interactive activities, challenges and rewards
  • Valuable cultural content included in lessons
  • Immersive lessons focus on real-life situations
  • Flexible class options (private and semi-private)

Live online Spanish classes for kids options

Live online private

  • 1:1 real-time lessons with a Berlitz instructor
  • Custom learning plans developed for specific goals
  • Flexible payment plans

Live online semi-private

  • Real-time lessons with 2-3 learners with a Berlitz instructor
  • Structured learning plans designed for maximum retention
  • Flexible payment plans

Benefits of learning Spanish at a young age

Spanish for kids FAQs

The best way to learn Spanish at a young age is immersion. When a young learner is completely immersed in the language, the brain is able to retain more information as a result of repetition. 

Immersion also helps to increase confidence speaking Spanish, which helps young learners practice. 

The first thing to do when it comes to helping your child learn Spanish is to enroll them in a Spanish course. Working with professional instructors not only provides access to a native speaker, but it also structures the learning plan to hit milestones to build on.

Outside of regular lessons, some tips to help your child learn Spanish are:

  • Watch familiar videos in Spanish
  • Buy basic learning books in Spanish
  • Set aside regular times to practice with them
  • Look for other learners their age and schedule dates to meet with them

The time it takes to become conversational depends on how much time you dedicate to learning. If you enroll your child in an intensive, private immersive Spanish course, they will become conversational much quicker than if they use a language app sporadically.

Your child will also become conversational faster if they are exposed to the language regularly outside of actual lessons. 

According to multiple studies, the optimal time to start learning Spanish is between 8 and 12 years old. This age range is when the brain experiences accelerated growth, as well as the age when young learners will be most engaged with learning. 

While this is the optimal age to learn, it is never too late to start learning Spanish for kids or adults. 

Fun and engaging: The keys to learning Spanish for kids

Like just about anything with kids, when it comes to learning Spanish, the keys are to keep them engaged and having fun. When young learners are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to retain what they are learning. They are also more likely to want to keep learning.

At Berlitz, our Live Online courses are specifically designed to keep young learners engaged and having fun. We do this by:

  • Interacting in real-time directly with learners
  • Using games and challenges during lessons
  • Building activities that learners can complete outside scheduled lessons
  • Having milestones and rewards as learners progress through the course

Resources to help learn Spanish for kids:

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