Why is learning vocabulary so important for kids?

When it comes to learning Spanish for kids, one of the key factors for success is to build confidence. As important as it isΒ to get information across, it is equally as important to make the learner comfortable speaking Spanish.Β 

For that reason, learning Spanish vocabulary is an effective way to begin learning because:

  • It focuses on learning words they are already familiar with
  • It is the simplest form of language
  • It provides for easy practice outside of lessons
  • It sets the foundation for further exploration

Our philosophy for building Spanish vocabulary for kids

How to start learning Spanish vocabulary for kids

The key to starting to learn Spanish vocabulary for kids is to start with words and phrases that the child is already familiar with. The reason this is so important is because:

  • It makes it easier for the learner to pick up what the words mean
  • It will usually be a word that the learner will use frequently
  • It will help build confidence and make the learner want to keep progressing

Starting with familiar words will also help parents and guardians get started with their kids at a younger age. By starting with these very familiar words, you can build a foundation for young learners that can become useful when enrolling in an online Spanish course for kids.Β 


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