Beginner Spanish words for kids


For kids that want to learn Spanish, the key is to focus on learning words they are already familiar with. Starting with toys is a great idea, especially for younger kids. These words are not only familiar to them, but they are also words they will likely use on a daily basis to practice. You will also likely have these in your home, so you can help practice them with your children.

  1. Pelota (Ball)
  2. Bloques (Blocks)
  3. Muñeca (Doll)
  4. Globo (Balloon)
  5. Crayón (Crayon)

Food and drinks

Teaching your child Spanish words for food and drinks will help them at home and outside your home. These basic food and drinks are found almost everywhere, so your child will be exposed to them quite often. It will give them the ability to practice often and will continue to expose them to these items regularly. The key is to focus on general words so they can use them over and over rather than beginning with specific foods that they may not eat every day.

  1. Agua (Water)
  2. Leche (Milk)
  3. Jugo (Juice)
  4. Frutas (Fruit)
  5. Vegetales (Vegetables)

House words

Like the other categories, the key here is repetition. By starting with words about your home, your child will be able to practice whenever they are at home and even when they are out, as most of these places can be found in just about any building. These are also great building words that can be used for more complex phrases once they learn more advanced Spanish for kids.

  1. Casa (House)
  2. Recámara (Bedroom)
  3. Baño (Bathroom)
  4. Cocina (Kitchen)
  5. Jardín (Garden)


There isn’t much that kids like more than animals. For that reason, it makes it the perfect way to start learning Spanish for them. Not only will kids enjoy learning about animals in Spanish, but they will also likely see them in most books they are reading in their native language. That gives them even more opportunities to start speaking Spanish for kids.

  1. Perro (Dog)
  2. Gato (Cat)
  3. Aves (Birds)
  4. Oso (Bear)
  5. Cerdo (Pig)


Start learning Spanish for kids with words

With these 20 words, you can get your child off to a great start learning Spanish. All parents want to give their child the opportunity to excel in life. By learning Spanish for kids, you will be opening the world to your child.

Spanish vocabulary for kids is just the beginning. While your child is mastering these basic Spanish words, it is important to reinforce them with an online Spanish class for kids. This will make sure they progress beyond simple vocabulary to learn conversational Spanish and really capture the essence of the language.