The reason music is such a great tool to learn Spanish fast is because it makes learning fun. It can get repetitive learning a new language. Music is a fantastic way to break up that repetition with a distinctive style of learning.

Best of all, with music, you will also learn more about Spanish culture. Experiencing Spanish culture through music can help you grasp how to use the language.

How to use music to learn Spanish

The key to using music to learn Spanish is to pair the music with learning. Here are a few tips for using music to learn Spanish.

  • Start with music videos
  • Use videos with English lyrics
  • Switch to Spanish lyrics after a few listens
  • Add the songs to your most listened-to playlists

So, without further ado, here are 5 Spanish songs that will help you learn Spanish fast.

“Living La Vida Loca” - Ricky Martin

    Even after two decades, this song continues to resonate. With its timeless upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, this is the perfect song for anyone learning Spanish.

    The lyrics are easy to follow and the chorus incorporates a lot of words that you will likely already know. This song will not only reinforce the vocabulary you already learned, but will help you use that vocabulary to begin building sentences.

    “Bailando” - Enrique Iglesias

      With his clear voice and catchy rhythm, this is a great song for all Spanish learners. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Spanish speaker, this song works for all learners.

      The wonderful thing about this song is how repetitive the lyrics are. With the lyrics repeating often, this song will really speed up your learning.

      “Agua” - Jarabe de Palo

        This is the perfect song for beginners or learning Spanish for kids. Not only is this song clearly sung and remarkably simple, but it also has a music video designed for Spanish learners. The video uses subtitles to aid with learning and uses colors.

        All these together make this a great song. It is also very catchy, so you will be singing this song over and over again to help you perfect your Spanish.

        “Vivir mi Vida” - Marc Anthony

        A name you will almost certainly recognize, Marc Anthony is one of the best-selling Spanish musicians. This song is an anthem and is also great for learning the language.

        It has all the makings of a great song, plus it has repeating lyrics throughout, so you will definitely learn a lot listening to this song.

        “Manos al Aire” - Nelly Furtado

          She may be from Canada, but Nelly Furtado is renowned across America and Latin America alike for her Spanish music. The strong, lively beat will keep your foot tapping throughout, which is an important aspect of using music to learn.

          Best of all, it is sung in a very conversational tone, so you will pick up on phrases and words that will aid you in your everyday use of the language.

          For anyone trying to learn Spanish, finding fun ways to practice outside of normal online Spanish classes is hugely important. The more ways you can find to practice, the more likely you are to gain the confidence you need to speak the language.

          When you use music as a way to practice, you are more likely to remember words and phrases. You will also learn important cultural lessons that will help you better connect with native speakers and to sound more natural when you speak.